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June 8-9, 2017
June 8-9, 2017


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​​​Archuleta County Fairgrounds              CSU Extension Office
344 US Highway 84
Pagosa Springs, CO 81447



​Rule-Making Notice


Audio Archive

Tape 1

Download (MP3, 10​MB)​

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​Tape 3Download (MP3, 19​MB)
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​Tape 6​​​Confidential Executive Session​​
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Non-Regulatory Items​ ​

​2May 2017 DRAFT Minutes
​122017 GOCO Investment Proposal
​22How RFP Projects are Chosen
​24Colorado State Parks Revenue and Visitation Trends
​26 State Recreational Trails Committee Member Appointments​

Regulatory Items​ ​

15​ (​Citizen Petition) Ch. P-7: "Passes, Permits, and Registrations"
​16(Final) Ch. P-3: "River Outfitters"
​17(Draft) Ch. P-1: Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands"
​18(Draft) Ch. P-6: "Procedural Rules"
​19(Draft) Ch. P-7: "Passes, Permits, and Registrations" and related Ch. W-16: "Procedural Rules"
​20(Issue) Ch. P-5: "Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations"

Consent Agenda​ ​

​33.2 ​Real Estate
​33.3 ​Ch. P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations"
33.4​Ch. W-5: "Small Game and Migratory Game Birds"


PowerPoints​ ​

8​Financial Update
​9Declining Elk Recruitment in Southern Colorado
​11GOCO Update
​13 ​Resident/Non-Resident Allocation Policy Discussion
​21Law Enforcement Branch Update
​22How RFP Projects are Chosen
​23 RFP Pause Discussion
​25State Park Management Planning
​27Cameo Shooting Center Financing
​ ​

Northern Integrated Supply Project​

On June 9, 2017, Northern Water submitted a Fish and Wildlife Mitigation and Enhancement Plan (Applicant Submittal) to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. The Plan includes both a Mitigation Plan, which mitigates fish and wildlife related impacts of NISP, as well as an Enhancement Plan, which outlines fish and wildlife related environmental commitments that go above and beyond direct mitigation of project effects. The Plan builds upon commitments identified in the Conceptual Mitigation Plan proposed by NISP and included as an appendix in the Supplemental Draft EIS.​

Northern Integrated Supply Project Mitigation Plan
​Northern Integrated Supply Project Mitigation Plan PowerPoint
​Northern Integrated Supply Project Mitigation Plan Video
​​Northern Integrated Supply Project Mitigation Plan Video

The Commission will further consider and discuss the NISP Fish and Wildlife Mitigation and Enhancement Plan at its regularly scheduled meetings in August and September of 2017. 

To contact the Commission with your comments, please email:​ or send comments to:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission
c/o Commission Assistant
1313 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203


​Post-Meeting Document

June 2017 Regulations Summary
​Ch. P-3: "River Outfitters" - As Approved
​Ch. P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations: - As Approved
​Ch. W-5: "Migratory Birds" - As Approved