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January 11, 2018
January 11, 2018


​Associated Files:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife​
Hunter Education Building
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216


 ​Rule-Making Notice​


​ ​

Regulatory Items ​

​9(Citizen Petition): Chapter W-9 - “Wildlife Properties”
​10​​(Citizen Petition): Chapter W-11 - “Wildlife Parks and Unregulated Wildlife”
​11​(Final): Chapter P-8 - “Aquatic Nuisance Species”
12​​(Final): Chapter W-0 - “General Provisions” and related Ch. W-2.
​13(Final)​: Chapter W-2 - “Big Game” and related provisions of Ch. W-0 and Ch. W-3.
​14​(Final): Chapter W-12 - “Lake Licenses” related Ch. W-0 and Ch. W-1
​15​(Issue): Chapter W-5 - “Small Game - Migratory Game Birds” and related Ch. W-9 Ch. P-1
​16​​(Issue):  Chapter W-9 - “Wildlife Properties” and related Ch. W-1
​17​(Issue):  Chapter W-16 - “Procedural Rules” 

​Non-Regulatory Items ​

​2​Draft November Minutes
​20​2018 Species Conservation Trust Fund
​21​Herd Management (DAU) Plan Process
​22​D-55 – Arikaree Deer Draft Herd Management Plan
​23​B-19 – Central Front Range Black Bear Draft HMP
​24​Game Damage Claim Appeal: #01-Y18-01; Denial; Dolezal
​25​​Game Damage Claim Appeal: #15-Y18-19; Denial; Milligin

Consent Agenda​ ​- Includes Some Regulatory Items

27.1​​(Issue) Chapter W-9 - “Wildlife Properties”  and related Ch. W-1
​27.2​Game Damage Claim Appeal: #09-Y18-01; Denial; Colburn

​​​​PowerPoints​ ​

​9(Citizen Petition)  Chapter W-9: Paragliding at Smelter Mountain
​13​(Final) Chapter W-2: Big Game: Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat License Recommendations
​21Herd Management Plan Process
​22D-55 and B-19 HMPs
​​28Maverick Ranch

​​​Post-Meeting Documents​ ​

Jan 2018 Regulations Summary​​
Chapter P-8: "ANS" - As Approved
​Chapter W-0: "General Provision" - As Approved
Chapter W-1: "Fishing" - As Approved
​Chapter W-2: "Big Game" - As Approved
Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game" - As Approved
​Chapter W-12: "Lake Licenses" - As Approved