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November 15 - 16, 2018
November 15 - 16, 2018


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Old Town Museum Barn
420 S. 14th St.
Burlington, CO 80807


 ​Rule-Making Notice​


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​ ​Meeting Materials

Regulatory Items​ ​

9​ Chapter W-17: "Damage Caused By Wildlife" (Citizen Petition)
​10Chapter W-0: "General Provisions", and related Ch. W-2, W-3, W-15, and P-7  (Step 2 of 2)
​11 Chapter W-1: "Fishing" (Step 2 of 2)
​12 Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, except Migratory Birds" and related Ch. W-0 (Step 2 of 2)
​13 Chapter P-1 - "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" and related Ch. W-9, and W-16 (Step 1 of 1)
​14Chapter P-7: "Passes, Permit, and Registrations" (Step 2 of 2)
​16Chapter W-0: "General Provisions" (Step 1 of 2)
​17Chapter W-2: "Big Game" (Step 1 of 2)

Non-Regulatory Items​ ​

2​ Draft September 2018 Minutes
7 Strategic Plan Progress Report
​19Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan
​20Future State Parks Selection Criteria
​21 ​CPW Future Funding Study
​23Capital Project Summary Table
​24 ​Colorado the Beautiful Grant Funding
​25 ​D-10 Big Thompson Deer Herd Management Plan
​26 ​D-4 Redfeather/Poudre Canyon Deer Herd Management Plan
​27 ​L-19 Mountain Lion Plan
​28BHS-05 Herd Management Plan
​29PH-13 Pronghorn Herd Management Plan
​31Public Comment on Ski Slope Law Enforcement - Mr. Randall White

Consent Agenda​ ​

​32.1 Chapter W-2: "Big Game" (Step 1 of 2)
​32.2Game Damage Claim: #15-Y19-04; D. Wood
32.6​Habitat Partnership Program Committee Nomination
​32.7 ​Draft PH-2 Pronghorn Herd Management Plan

​PowerPoints​ ​

​8 ​Financial Update
​18GOCO Generation Wild
​24Colorado the Beautiful Grant Funding Approval
​25​​D-10 Big Thompson Deer Herd Management Plan
​26 ​D-4 Redfeather/Poudre Canyon Deer Herd Management Plan
​27 ​L-19 Draft Mountain Lion Plan
​28 ​BHS-05 Draft Buffalo Peaks Herd Management Plan
​29PH-13 Draft Tobe Pronghorn Herd Management Plan
​31 ​​Ski Slope Law Enforcement

​ ​Post-Meeting Documents

​November 2018 Regulations Summary
Ch P-1 - "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Land" - As Approved
​ ​​Ch P-7 - "Passes, Permits, and Registrations" - As Approved
​Ch W-0 - "General Provisions" - As Approved
​Ch W-1 - "Fishing" - As Approved
​Ch W-2 - "Big Game" - As Approved
Ch W-3 - "Furbearers and Small Game, Except Migratory Birds" - As Approved
Ch W-9 - "Wildlife Properties" - As Approved
​Ch W-15 - "Division Agents" - As Approved
​Ch W-16 - "Parks and Wildlife Procedural Rules" - As Approved