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March 7-8, 2018
March 7-8, 2018


​Associated Files:

Colorado Parks and Wildlife​
Hunter Education Building
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216


 ​Rule-Making Notice​


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Audio Archive

 Day 1​​​


 ​​Day 2​


​Regulatory Items ​

​8Chapter W-0: "General Provisions"
​9Chapter W-2: "Big Game"
​10Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, Except Migratory Birds"
​11Chapter W-5: "Small Game - Migratory Game Birds"
​12Chapter W-9: "Wildlife Properties"
13​Chapter W-16: "Procedural Rules"

Non-Regulatory Items​ ​

​2Draft Feb 2018 Minutes
​7.a​GOCO Performance Audit
​7.bDraft GOCO Multi and Annual Year Spending Plan
​7.c​Draft GOCO Purposes, Eligibility, Categorization & Discretionary Authority Policy Packet
​7.dGOCO​ Annual Report
​14Antler-Shed Collection Follow-Up
​152018 Non-Motorized Trali Grant Funding Approval
​18E-22: Buffalo Peaks Elk Draft HMP
​19​E-32: Lower Rio Grande Elk Draft HMP
​20​E-5: West Elk Mountains Draft HMP

Consent Agenda​ ​

​26.1.a​D-35: Lower Rio Grande Deer HMP
​26.1.b​D-20: North Fork Gunnison Deer HMP
​26.1.c​D-51: South Grand Mesa Deer
​26.2​Game Damage Claims
​26.52018 SCT​F Revision Memo

PowerPoints​ ​

​7​Financial Update
​14Antler Shed Discussion Follow-Up
​152018 Non-Motorized Trails Grants
​18​E-22 Herd Management Plan (HMP)
​19​E-32 HMP
​20​E-5 HMP

Post-Meeting Documents​  

​March 2018 Regulations Summary
Ch P-1 - "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" - As Approved
​Ch W-0 - "General Provisions" - As Approved
Ch W-2 - "Big Game" - As Approved
​Ch W-3 - "Furbearers and Small Game Exept Migratory Birds"- As Approved
Ch W-5 - "Small Game - Migratory Birds" - As Approved
​Ch W-9 - "Wildlife Properties" - As Approved
​Ch W-16 - "Parks and Wildlife Procedural Rules" - As Approved