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May 3-4, 2018
May 3-4, 2018


​Associated Files:

Courtyard Marriott - Grand Junction
765 Horizon Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81506


 ​Rule-Making Notice​


​ ​

​Day 1


Day 2


​Regulatory Items ​

​82018/2019 Big Game License Recommendations: Chapter W-2: "Big Game" and related Ch. W-0. (Step 1 of 1)
​19Chapter P-1: "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" and related Ch. P-7. (Step 1 of 1) 
​20Chapter W-6: "Raptors". (Step 1 of 2)

​Non-Regulatory Items ​

2.a​Draft March Minutes
​2.bDraft April Conference Call Minutes
​22Big Game Season Structure Process Overview
​24​Habitat Partnership Program Update and Plan Reviews
​25Colorado the Beautiful Trails Grant Cycle
​262019 OHV Trail Grants Funding Approval

​2019 Non-Motorized Trail Grants Pilot Grant Categories

Consent Agenda​ ​

31.1​.aGame Damage Claim: #16-Y18-20; Denial; R. McCollum
​31.1.bGame Damage Claim: #16-Y18-21; Denial; R. McCollum
​31.1.cGame Damage Claim: #18-Y18-22; Denial; R. McCollum
​31.1.d​Game Damage Claim: #18-Y18-24; Denial; R. McCollum
​31.1.eGame Damage Claim: #16-Y18-23; Approval over $20,000; J. Bair
​31.1.fGame Damage Claim: #17-Y18-07; Approval over $20,000; H. Haught
​31.1.gGame Damage Claim: #07-Y18-13; Approval over $20,000; W. Roberts
​31.3.a​HPP Committee Nomination: S. Cox; Livestock Growers
​31.3.b​HPP Committee Nomination: L. Paulson; USFS
​31.3.c​HPP Committee Nomination: S. Lamb; USFS
​31.5.aNorth Park HPP Management Plan Draft
31.5.b​San Juan Basin HPP Management Plan Draft
​31.5.cLarimer County HPP Management Plan Draft
​31.5.d​Lower Colorado River Distribution HPP Management Plan Draft

PowerPoints​ ​

8​Deer, Elk, Ponghorn, Moose Limited License Recommendations & State of the Herd Updates
​8​Black Bear License Recommendations
​10CWHPP 2018 RFP
​12Hale River Ranch Map
​15GOCO Update
​222020-2024 Big Game Season Structure Process
​23Financial Up​date
​24HPP Update
​25Colorado the Beautiul Trails Grant
​26OHV Trail Grants Funding
​27Non-Motorized Trial Grants

Post-Meeting Documents​   

​May 2018 Regulations Summary
Ch W-2 - "Big Game" - As Approved
​Ch P-1 - "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" - As Approved
Ch P-7 - "Passes, Permits, and Registrations" - As Approved