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Conference Presentations
Conference Presentations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Partners in the Outdoors Conference highlighted many breakout sessions that involved learning about many different topics related to different fields including natural resources, partnerships, business, and communications. Below is the full presentation for the classes given:

​​​​​​​​How to Write and Execute a Fundraising Plan​​​​Full Presentation
​Tread Lightly: On Water and Land ​​Full Presentation
​Encouraging Careers in Natural Resources​​Full Presentation
​Grassroots Marketing Campaigns​​Full Presentation
​Technology and Marketing for the Outdoors​​Full Presentation
​Donor Retention: Keeping a Donor Engaged​​Full Presentation​​
​Social Media 101Full Presentation
​Collaborative Marketing: How Communities can Work TogetherFull Presentation​​​​​​
Making Hunters and Anglers​Full Presentation
​Grant WritingFull Presentation​​