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Wind Power & Wildlife Symposium
Wind Power & Wildlife Symposium

​​​Post-Meeting Information

The Colorado Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife), in cooperation with state and federal resource management agencies, the wind power industry, non-governmental conservation organizations and private landowners, sponsored a symposium and workshop, Wind Power and Wildlife, in Colorado Jan. 23 – 25, 2006. The goals of the event were to:

  1. Make available up-to-date information about the effects of wind power development on wildlife and ways to minimize impacts

  2. Make available information about applicable laws, regulations, and guidance associated with wind power and wildlife

  3. Foster an open dialogue between the wildlife conservation community and the wind industry in Colorado

The symposium and workshop brought together resource management agencies, the wind power industry, consultants, and private landowners to proactively learn about and discuss interactions between wind power and wildlife in Colorado.  Agency and industry personnel, landowners, elected officials, consultants and interested citizens were encouraged to attend.  ​

Learn more about the symposium:​

For additional information, please contact:

David Klute, Bird Conservation Coordinator
Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO  80216
Phone: 303-291-7320; email:

Symposium Steering Committee

  • Tom Baur, Crow Valley Grazing Association

  • William Burnidge, The Nature Conservancy

  • Craig Cox, Interwest Energy Alliance

  • Vicky Dreitz, Colorado Division of Wildlife

  • Wally Erickson, Western EcoSystem Technology, Inc.

  • Tony Frank, Colorado Working Landscapes

  • Landon Gates, Colorado Farm Bureau

  • Susan Innis, Western Resource Advocates

  • Lauire Jodziewicz, American Wind Energy Association

  • Katie Kalinowski, National Wind Coordinating Committee

  • David Klute, Colorado Division of Wildlife

  • Ken Morgan, Colorado Division of Wildlife

  • Tom Peters, U.S. Forest Service

  • Francie Pusateri, Colorado Division of Wildlife

  • Renee Rondeau, Colorado Natural Heritage Program

  • Robin Sell, Bureau of Land Management

  • Ken Strom, Audubon Colorado

  • Sandy Vana-Miller, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service