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Fishing Is Fun Project Gallery
Fishing Is Fun Project Gallery

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Marlatt Ponds

​Marlatt Ponds are located south of Hygiene (Boulder County) on 75th Street.  Three ponds at the site are open to public fishing, and include belly-boat access.  Work on the project was completed in 2005.  Improvements include trails, fishing benches, fish habitat structures, and picnic tables.  Parking is available on the opposite (east) side of 75th Street.  Please respect the private property around the ponds.

Belly Boat Access Site  

 Bench in the Shade  

 Fishing at Dragon Fly Pond   

 Fishing Bench in Winter

Blue River - Silverthorne 

​In September 2005, Silverthorne completed a Fishing is Fun project to improve fish habitat and angling access along three-quarters of a mile of the Blue River in two separate reaches. The first reach begins at the bridge next to town hall; the second is accessed via Bald Eagle Road, off of Highway 9 on the north side of Silverthorne. (Anglers should be aware of private property on the east side of the second stretch). The project narrowed and deepened the water channel, and installed fish habitat structures, riffle/pool/glide sequences, and angler access points.

The lower segment of the Blue River improvement project in Silverthorne

 Next to Town Hall - part of the Blue River improvement project in Silverthorne

 Downstream from the Bridge - part of the  Blue River improvement project in Silverthorne

Basalt's Riverfront Park 

​In July, 2005, the Town of Basalt dedicated its new Riverfront Park. The Fishing is Fun program helped fund improvements to a pond in the park that dramatically improved angling conditions and access. The park also includes improved angler access to the Roaring Fork River. (Note: there is no ADA access to the river.) As a result of the project, anglers of all ages will find fishing opportunities to their liking conveniently located close to downtown Basalt. 

The pond BEFORE
the Riverfront improvement

 The Roaring Fork
River at the new Riverfront Park

 Looking at the pond
toward the road in the new Riverfront Park 

 Looking at the pond
from the restaurant in the new Riverfront Park

Dolores River Habitat Improvement

A backhoe working on the Dolores River project

 The Dolores River before habitat improvements

 An overhead view of the Dolores River before improvements

The Dolores River after 
habitat improvements

 The Dolores River after 
habitat improvements

 An overhead view of the Dolores River after improvements

Thorton Gravel Pit

​These two lakes at 59 and 23 surface acres are located just south of Colorado Blvd. and 88th Ave. They are scheduled to open in summer 2004. The larger lake has rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, yellow perch, walleye, carp and green sunfish while the smaller lake has largemouth bass, bluegill, green sunfish, carp and channel catfish. Angler facilities will include parking, piers, picnic shelters, restrooms, and hard surface trails. No special fishing regulations, standard statewide bag and possession limits apply.

Thornton Gravel Fishing Pier      

 Thornton Gravel Angler  

Sprat-Platte Lake

​Located directly southwest of 100th Ave. and McKay Rd. Scheduled to open in summer 2004. This 60 acre impoundment contains a robust largemouth bass population, some bluegill, green sunfish, yellow perch, crappie, black bullhead and channel catfish. Special fishing regulation on largemouth bass (18 inch minimum size limit) and flies and lures only restriction. Angler facilities include parking (off of 100th Ave), fishing piers, picnic shelters, hard surface trails and restrooms.

The fishing pier at the Sprat-Platte fishing area

Burry Easement 

​On Halloween, 2003, the Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) was able to acquire a perpetual fishing easement along 1.25 miles of Gold Medal waters on the Roaring Fork River.  Located about four miles northwest of Carbondale on Highway 82, the Burry Ranch hosts world class fishing in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley. 

The Burry family was interested in maintaining public access to the river, so CPW now holds a permanent easement for two access trails, a small parking area, and to more than a mile of the Roaring Fork River. The deal assures that future generations will be able to enjoy a picture perfect angling setting along one of the most in-demand waters in the state. 

The shoreline along the Burry Easement

 More shoreline on the Burry Easement

 More of the Burry Easement's shoreline

 More of the Burry Easement's shoreline

Redstone Pond

​In 2001, Redstone Pond, located on the northern edge of Highlands Ranch, was approved for a Fishing Is Fun grant to install a fishing pier and a shelter.  Work was completed late in 2003, and the facility has continued to grown in popularity with kids and parents alike.  Annual fishing derbies held at the pond have attracted overflow crowds.  Signage included in the project has helped educate young anglers on fishing rules and etiquette.  

In addition, the pond is now handicapped-accessible through a new ramp and fishing pier, which it was not prior to the Fishing Is Fun improvements.

The pier at Redstone Pond    

 Pier and shelter at Redstone Pond      

 Pier and shelter at Redstone Pond (reverse angle)

Meadow Creek Lake 

​Located on the western side of the Flat Top Mountains, Meadow Creek Lake is a remote but beautiful setting. In 2003, a project supported by the Fishing Is Fun Program led to several improvements in angling amenities at the lake. An improved boat ramp and parking area, a new accessible fishing pier and a new restroom all make the experience at Meadow Creek Lake that much more enjoyable.

Volunteer efforts, including some hard work by local Boy Scouts, helped initiate the project and bring it to fruition.

View from the north

 View from the south

Franz Lake 

​Located just north of Salida, on the grounds of the Mount Shavano State Fish Hatchery, Franz Lake is a popular trout fishing site. But the many anglers who wanted to walk or bike to the lake from town faced risks from having to walk along a busy road for a portion of the route.

The Fishing Is Fun program, combined with support from Chaffee County and local volunteers, helped open a new trail that keeps anglers off the narrow shoulders of busy roads, and also reduces “social trails” across private property. The new angler access trail connects with the Salida Trail System to provide improved and safer access by anglers of all ages to Franz Lake. 

The access trail to the lake

 View of Franz Lake

 Sign by access trail

Sand Lake 

​Sand Lake is a popular trout fishing site just north of Salida, and set against the Arkansas River. Unfortunately for many anglers, getting there meant walking along a steep and winding road called Mesa Lane. Driver visibility was poor around the curves, and shoulders on the road were narrow.

The Fishing Is Fun program, working with the City of Salida, supported a new, safer trail along Mesa Lane, taking anglers walking or biking to Sand Lake out of harm’s way. The trail also connects with the Salida Trail System, improving and expanding access to Sand Lake from the city. 

The new cement trail

 Ducks at Sand Lake

 Pier at Sand Lake