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2017 Bi-Annual Conference Presentations
2017 Bi-Annual Conference Presentations

Presentations are available for viewing until 2/1/18. ​



All Presentations are in PDF format.

  1. Current Issues and Future Outlook for CPW
    Presenter: JT Romatzke

  2. Future Demographics for Colorado​
    Presenter: Elizabeth Garner

  3. State of the Forest
    Presenter: Bob Cain

  4. Habitat Resilience in the Future
    Presenter: Sylvia Biermann

  5. Wildlife and Recreation Forecast for CPW
    Presenter: Patt Dorsey

  6. Current and Future Recreation Desires on Public Land
    Presenter: Scott Fitzwilliams

  7. Outdoor Recreation - Coexistence through Management and Research
    Presenter: Dr. Rick Knight

  8. Balancing Wildlife and Recreation Missions Now and Later
    Presenter: Chris Castilian

  9. Wildlife Impacts from Recreation and a Way to Minimize Them
    Presenter: Jon Holst

  10. Big Game Movements and Highway Impacts
    Presenter: Andy Holland

  11. Highway 9 Project​
    Presenter: Michelle Cowardin

  12. CPW Financial Sustainability
    Presenter: Katie Lanter

  13. Ecological Effects of Thinning P-J
    Presenter: Pat McGee

  14. What Doesn’t Work and Agland Conversions
    Presenter: Todd Graham

  15. Elk Movement in Middle Park and Rocky Mountain National Park
    Presenter: Kirk Oldham

  16. Mule Deer Strategy Update NW and SW Regions
    Presenter: Trevor Balzer and Jim Garner

  17. Mule Deer Strategy Update Piceance and Arkansas Basins​
    Presenter:​ Chuck Anderson