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CPW News Release
CPW News Release
CPW searches for sow and two cubs that attacked a woman and chased another in Manitou Springs on Thursday night; public help sought in finding bears

Bill Vogrin
Southeast Region Public Information Officer

CPW searches for bear that attacked woman in Manitou Springs Thursday night

A bear knocked a woman down and scratched her back in an attacked Thursday, July 9, 2020, in Manitou Springs. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are searching for the bear. Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

July 10, 2020



CPW Assistant Area Wildlife Manager Cody Wigner will be available to answer questions from reporters at 5 p.m. at the CPW Southeast Region office, 4255 Sinton Road, Colorado Springs, 80907


CPW searches for bear that attacked woman in Manitou Springs Thursday night

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. – Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are searching for a sow with two cubs that attacked a woman in Manitou Springs on Thursday night, charging her, knocking her down and clawing her back.

The woman suffered three scratches down her back but was not seriously injured and did not seek medical attention. She also suffered cuts to her hands and legs when she fell.. 

Another passerby also was chased by a bear a few minutes later in the same block, just south of downtown Manitou Springs.

CPW was alerted to the attack on Friday morning by Manitou Springs Police. Interviews with the victim and looking at her injuries convinced officers that she had been attacked by a bear and a search was launched.

The victim told CPW wildlife officers she was walking home from work around 11:40 p.m. Thursday when she encountered an adult bear on the street. 

The bear charged her. As the victim turned to try to escape, the bear knocked her down from behind, scratching her back and ripping her shirt.

A few minutes later, a colleague of the victim came walking down the same street and was chased by a bear. But she was able to avoid contact with the bear by running around a parked vehicle. She described the bear as dark in color.

A neighbor watching the incident described seeing two cubs in addition to the large adult bear. 

The bears ultimately wandered off and the victim walked to her nearby home.

Wildlife managers will conduct further investigation and search for the bears. The public is urged to immediately contact CPW with any sightings of bears in Manitou Springs. Witnesses can call Colorado State Patrol after normal business hours to report sightings.

“This victim was very lucky she wasn’t more seriously injured in this attack and we are urgently trying to find this bear,” said Cody Wigner, Assistant Area Wildlife Manager for the Colorado Springs region. 

“We need the public’s help in catching this bear. Any bear that is this aggressive toward people is an imminent threat to public health and safety and needs to be removed.” 

Wigner cautioned residents of Manitou Springs to be mindful while walking around town at night as the search goes on. They should carry bear spray, make noise as they walk and don’t walk alone. Pets should be kept on tight leashes until this bear is captured.

Also, Wigner urged Manitou Springs residents to secure all garbage cans because this bear has been reportedly seen eating regularly from area trash cans.

Information about living in bear country can be found on the CPW website at:

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