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Session Schedule
Session Schedule
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2016 Conference Dates

Thur. April 27 & Fri. Apr​​Il 29, 2016
Keystone Conference C​enter​
Keystone, CO​​​​​​​

​Thursday, April 28, 2016 ​​​​​​

​​​1:15pm - 2:30pm ​2:45pm - 4:00pm​​
​ ​​
​​The 13% Club​
*** This is a two part session***
Please feel free to bring plans with you to work on​ ​
​Fact: only 13% of organizations across all sectors see their strategic initiatives implemented. As with most planning efforts, hundreds of hours of work and loads of cash result in wordy, static documents that find their way to a shelf near you in preparation of years of dust and decay. These planning efforts tend to be neither motivating nor engaging. While this all sounds grim, planning processes can be vastly improved by employing some common sense methods that are proven to ensure that your agency belongs to the 13% Club. ​​
Striking a Balance: Population Growth vs. Natural Spaces
Tackling Biases for more Culturally Relevant Outdoor Experiences
​As Colorado's population continues to expand so does the use of our public spaces. In this panel discussion we will address the balance between access and open range protection. What is the Social Capacity vs. the habitat capacity? Can we design our cities to provide more green spaces to play? How do we manage lands currently being used, while addressing concerns of abuse?​ We need to work together now more than ever to keep Colorado wild as well as accessible to all. 
In this workshop you will gain fluency surrounding the language of diversity and inclusion and be able to articulate for yourself and others why it matters in the context of outdoor and
environmental education. We will help you uncover blindspots—hidden biases that that create exclusive environments for people with certain identities—and share some tips and tools on
how to interrupt them in yourself and how to challenge them in others and within your
institutions. You will leave with tools you can share with your team to help build a more inclusive organization and foster more welcoming outdoor experiences.
Best Practices: Collaborations that Produce ResultsPrivate Lands Conservation and the Partnerships that make it Possible​
​Best practices and examples of how to collaborate effectively to achieve goals and initiatives. Join the discussion about case studies in successful collaborations that created opportunities for youth to engage in their Great Outdoors and promote outdoor recreation in general.Private Lands Conservation is critical to the ecological and economic strength and wellbeing of Colorado. The land, water, and air are central to all of our livelihoods and central to Colorado’s identity. Public/private partnerships have defined a great deal of the conservation and stewardship efforts occurring throughout the state. Driven by a strong land ethic, there is innovation occurring all around us. This session will focus on the value of private lands conservation, the tools used to accomplish it, and explore the nexus of public and private land conservation efforts.​
What Makes your Grant Stand Above the Rest?
North American Conservation Education Strategy
Resources for Excellence
You will learn firsthand from funders themselves what they are looking for in a successful proposal.  This casual and informative conversation will range from topics such as, how is your proposal reviewed, to site visit expectations.  You will be able to ask questions and hear from a diverse group of funders as to what they are looking for in a proposal that will be funded and why others will need more work.
​State wildlife agencies have been working together for decades to deliver unified, research-based conservation education programs and messages. The resources created by the North American Conservation Education Strategy have explored important data and evaluation best practices in order to help you provide high-quality conservation education experiences in any setting. Join us to explore the resources available and discuss implications for your program.​
Resume Building Workshop
Connecting People with Nature
Your resume can be a powerful tool. ​​In an effort to strengthen career forces across Colorado, this workshop will provide hands-on ​​resume building. ​Attendees can expected detailed explanations, as well as ​step-by-step processes for creating a resume​. What does it mean to connect to nature? We as professionals in the field understand the intrinsic value to our daily lives, but what about others not as fortunate to have had a mentor? This panel discussion will dive into how connections are being made across the state and how trails in particular, both urban and rural can help bring people back into nature. Groups are working across boundaries to build communities up through trails and access. They are taking the time to introduce our children to the natural world through safe paths in their backyard. Being in nature can look vastly different, but the end result is an inspired world.

Friday, April 29, 2016

​8:45am - 10:00am ​10:15am - 11:30am 
​ ​​
Grant Writing~ A Structure for Success
*** This is a two part session***​ ​​
This workshop has been carefully crafted to teach you how to write both Federal & Foundation grants and show you where and how to find the money. Everyone from the experienced director to the dedicated volunteer will benefit from this training. Hands-on training will include writing the most common seven elements of a grant, which are: Problem Statements, Goals, Objectives, Narrative, Timeline, Budget, Evaluation and Executive Summary.​​​
Collaborative Marketing: How Communities can Work TogetherCommercial Access to Public Land   Opportunities and Obstacles 
​An all-inclusive look at how communities can shine and boast about what their communities have to offer. Attract more visitors by highlighting the best local restaurants, popular hiking and biking trails and family friendly outdoor recreation ideas.In a time of shrinking budgets, increased public land use, expected population increases and aging assets, there are hundreds of groups and businesses whose mission is to expose people to nature and an active lifestyle. These partners assist in teaching the general public about stewardship and conservation through facilitated experiences. These businesses and organizations can help in expanding agency missions in connecting more people to the outdoors. Is it time to start looking at the definition of commercial use where it pertains to guided recreation?

Same Mountain, Different Trails​
Harnessing the Power of Technology
 Revolutionizing the Industry
We're sharing the same  lands, but we're there for different reasons and with different motivations. How can you convert, recruit, and retain new supporters and volunteers for our public lands? We'll learn skills--with no buzzwords--and lots of practical, useful tools to take back to your programs. Curious about what we'll cover? We'll learn about calibrating recruitment materials to demographic reading levels, using second-person narratives to describe engagement, and deploying positive gossip for retention.​People around the world are more connected than they have ever been. Join industry leaders to discuss the immense opportunity to harness the reach of technology to get more people connected with nature. From raising awareness, amplifying events, building opportunity through education & driving competition through schools; today’s technology can be both a blessing and a curse, it just depends on how you use it.
Harness the Passion and Potential of Volunteers:​ Get more Accomplished
Standing on the Divide

Across the country, volunteer ranks continue to grow, but people are volunteering differently. They're working online, seeking flexible schedules, and pursuing a role in defining how projects should be completed. The 21st century calls for a new system and for a greatly expanded definition of what it means to be a volunteer. If you are looking to initiate a new volunteer program, or enhance the success of an existing one this session will provide innovative and practical tips for success.​Colorado is unique in so many ways. From the high desert of the Western Slope, the soaring Rocky Mountains and the calming beauty of the Eastern Plains, diversity and opportunity are endless. Discussion will focus on the exploration of industry innovation, energy independence, corporate stewardship and the immense benefit of community engagement to help in addressing the future of Colorado on many fronts. The goals and reality of striking a balance between energy production and conservation within our state are paramount.​
Pathway to a Natural Resource Career
Challenging the Next Generation of Outdoor Leaders
​Outdoor recreation and Natural resource management is a powerful and fast-growing segment in Colorado’s job force. Cultivating the next generation of stewards and continuing to strengthen efforts on a statewide level to encourage more young adults to vest in their surroundings and the management of Colorado’s resources. This panel discussion will cover how to direct youths and young adults along this path.​ Fuel the innate passion for adventure and exploration through mentorship, connection and communities. These industry leaders are pushing the boundaries and comfort levels of the next generation. By giving hands on experience, providing robust opportunity to learn, serve and play young adults are better prepared for jobs, facing future issues and transformation of the world around them. During this panel discussion you will learn about programs that are available and replicable in all communities.​​

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