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SCORP 2014 Archive
SCORP 2014 Archive

​Colorado's Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)

2014 SCORP - Stand Alone Executive SummaryThe final 2014-2018 SCORP has been approved by Governor Hickenlooper and is now available. Please click the following links to view the Executive Summary and full SCORP document.  

The following documents make up the full 2014 SCORP:

If you have questions about the Colorado SCORP please email ( or phone (303-869-1350).


​​​SCORP Background

Development of the SCORP is an opportunity to identify emerging outdoor recreation trends, needs, and issues in Colorado, as well as an opportunity to chart the course for the state's outdoor recreation future.

The 2014 SCORP will serve as a clearinghouse for important outdoor recreation data that is relevant to local, regional, and statewide planning efforts. The SCORP will also be used to guide Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant allocations to local governments.

Every five years, each state updates their SCORP plan to remain eligible for stateside LWCF dollars, which are administered by the National Park Service (NPS). The Colorado State Trails Program, within Colorado Parks and Wildlife, is charged with distributing these grants to projects that align with SCORP priorities, particularly local and regional trail projects.

2012 Local Government Survey

As part of the 2014 SCORP update, CPW surveyed close to 400 city and local park and recreation departments, open space departments, and other districts and agencies that oversee local recreation. CPW asked these agencies to weigh in and respond to key questions to help better understand and quantify key local and regional issues. A total of 174 responses were received during the online survey period.

2013 Public Survey Summary Report

CPW also solicited feedback from Coloradans on their outdoor recreation preferences and trends via a public online and written survey. Thousands of residents from around the state were invited to participate and share their thoughts and perspectives.

Results from the survey shed light on some of the public's outdoor recreation habits and desires for future outdoor recreation investments in Colorado. They also highlight the importance of outdoor recreation to Coloradans, where and how often we participate in outdoor recreation activities, preferences for services and types of outdoor recreation facilities, as well as preferences for future investment and development.

SCORP Advisory Group

Developing the SCORP is a collaborative effort. In June 2013, CPW convened a diverse group of outdoor recreation leaders representing over 40 organizations and agencies that have a vested interest in outdoor recreation. This group, known as the SCORP Advisory Group, is currently developing statewide priorities and recommendations that will serve to guide Colorado's outdoor recreation future.

All of the above information will be presented in a Draft 2014 SCORP Plan, which will be made available on this site in late 2013. The final 2014 SCORP will be completed by early 2014. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months!


Project Contact

For more information about the SCORP, you can contact the SCORP planning team at or 303.869.1350.​