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Snowmobile Grant Submissions​​​
Snowmobile Grant Submissions​​​
Snowmobiler in front of mountain.

​​​​​​​​​Snowmobile Capital/Construction Project Grant​ Submissions​​​

The 2019-2020 Grant Applications will be posted for public review​ in mid-April, 2019

​For guidelines and additional information​​ on the ​Snowmo​bile Capital/Construction Project Grant​​, please visit the Snowmobile Grants page.


Funding for the Snowmobile Program is derived from snowmobile registration fees and is allocated to Colorado Parks and Wildlife on an annual basis by Colorado’s General Assembly. In addition to trail grooming and signing for the snowmobiling public, this funding also supports registration operations, snowmobile law enforcement, the snowmobile safety certification program and Colorado’s Avalanche Warning Program.