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A Vision for the Future

CPW employs a user-pays, user-benefits funding model. Park visitors, hunters, and anglers primarily fund fish and wildlife conservation programs, as well as management of recreational​ lands, through purchases of park passes, hunting and fishing licenses, and habitat stamps. Although the two agencies merged in 2011, the budgets for parks and wildlife remain separate.​

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CPW's funding is dependent on custome​rs.

Parks Revenue*
Park Revenue​ ​
Parks Expenditures​*
Park Expenses​ ​

Wildlife Revenue*
Wildlife Revenue​ ​
Wildlife Expenditures​*
Wildlife Expenditures

*FY14-15 Figures​

How Y​o​​u Can Help​​

  • Spread the word! Make sure that your friends and neighbors realize how valuable license fees, parks fees and registrations are to CPW's operations. 
  • Step outside your comfort zone! Try a new CPW activity that you haven't before.
  • Continue to purchase your CPW products every year, and keep participating in the outdoor activities you love.  
  • Donate​ or volunteer.

​​Thank you for moving our programs forward with your fees and participation.​​

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