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Colorado Front Range Trail
Colorado Front Range Trail

​​​​​​In 2003, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, with the support of the citizens of Colorado, many communities, and stakeholders, initiated the Colorado Front Range Trail project (CFRT).

The vision of this trail is to create a multi-purpose trail from Wyoming to New Mexico, along the Front Range of Colorado. The 876-mile trail will link diverse communities, scenic landscapes, cultural and historic points, parks, open space and other attractions.

The CFRT is a unique legacy that will enrich Colorado’s tourism and recreation resources, as well as our heritage and health.

When complete, the trail will connect 15 cities, 14 counties and many smaller towns and communities along its length. To date, over 270 miles of the CFRT have been finished – one-third of the corridor.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is working to continue the collaborative efforts that are necessary to complete the vision for the CFRT with the help of over 500 stakeholders including: 

  • Local communities

  • State and federal agencies

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Recreation retailers 

  • The tourism community 

Please visit this website to track the progress of the Colorado Front Range Trail.​

Priority Segm​ents​

The Priority Segments Excel Spreadsheet contains a wealth of information about each segment of the CFRT.