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OHV Grant Submissions​
OHV Grant Submissions​
ATV Trail

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​OHV Trail Grant Applications are Available for Review 

The 2019-2020 OHV Trail Grant applications are posted below for public review. Comments can be emailed to​ For additional information on CPW's OHV Grant Program, please visit the OHV Program page.​

The State Recreational Trails Committee and its grant review and ranking subcommittees will be meeting to review these grant applications in accordance with the schedule posted on this web page and at the locations specified.  These meetings are open to the public and provide a platform for verbal comment on the applications.

​OHV Competitive Trail Project Grants​​: 2019-2020

  1. Supply & Equipment_2020
  2. Dozer Project_2020
  3. Rough Canyon Trail_2020
  4. Double Top Trail Restoration
  5. Sherman Creek Single-Track_2020
  6. OHV San Carlos Trail_2019-20
  7. Archuleta ATV Trail Project_2019-20
  8. Tres Rio OHV Crew_2020
  9. Divide RD Heavy Maintenance Crew_2020
  10. South Fork 2020 Trail Improvements
  11. TMW Trail Bridge Maintenance_2020-21​​​​​​​​
  12. 2-Person OHV Trail Maintenance Crew_2020
  13. Urban Interface OHV Management_2020
  14. SPRD Badger Flats Implementation_2020
  15. SPRD OHV Trail Crew_2020
  16. Colorado Motorized Action Plan_2020
  17. OHV Trail Dozer Maintenance_2020
  18. Eagle Zoned OHV Crew-Equipment_2020
  19. DENCA_MCNCA OHV Trail Crew_2020
  20. GJFO Equipment Trailer_2020
  21. GJFO Equipment Ops_2020
  22. Royal Gorge OHV Crew_2020
  23. Colorado OHV Workshops_2020
  24. Grand Valley Dozer Ops_2020
  25. Upper Pole Creek Trail​​_2020
  26. UAMTC Motorcycle Replacement-Maintenance
  27. Chinaman Gulch Single-Track_2020
  28. RRMMC Trail Maintenance_2020
  29. Slaughterhouse Gulch Staging Area_2020
  30. Travel Management Signage_2020
  31. Stay The Trail Education_2020
  32. CCRD OHV Crew_2020
  33. Tread Lightly Colorado_2020
  34. Enduro Skills Training Area_2020
  35. Trail Crew Rehab-Patrol II_2020

Good Management Submissions​


Good OHV Management Tra​​il Crew Projects

​Good Management trail crew projects will receive funding every year. There is no competitive process for obtaining this grant money. Successful OHV Good Management Program grant applicants must:

  • ​​Have a service area widely used for OHV riding. 

  • Demonstrate over a consecutive period of three or more years their ability to fulfill the fiscal and field objectives as presented in their annual OHV grant proposals and achieve all aspects of a Good Management Program.

  • Take a holistic management approach that preserves riding opportunities while protecting sensitive resources within the areas they service.​​​

  • Provide service including trail and support facility maintenance, as well as: reconstruction, monitoring, signing, trail and signage inventory, education, mapping, compliance checks, and, in the case of the Forest Service, law enforcement.

  • Involve trail crews that use "best practices" to maintain and restore OHV riding areas.

  • Include at least two (but preferably three) full-time, seasonal crew members who must be deployed for at least five months during the summer and fall recreation seasons.

These grants are given first priority in funding through the OHV Grant Program because of their long standing attention to high-use OHV riding areas and their successful history of managing those areas. ​

​​​Archived OHV Grant Submissions​