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CPW's Trails Grant Selection Process
CPW's Trails Grant Selection Process

​​​​​​​​​​Trail Grants​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Trail grant applications are posted each year at the start of the grant application process on CPW's website under the Trails Program section. The annual grant program is publicized throu​gh newsletters, CPW's website and email information networks. The deadline for motorized and non-motorized grant applications changes slightly each year. 

Grant Applications and Deadlines

  • Non-Motorized Trail Grant Applications
  • Motorized Trail Grant Applications
    • ​The application deadline is the first business day of December. Apply on the OHV Grants Applications page​.
    • Previous trail grant submissions are available for review​.​​

​Technical assistance for grant preparation is provided to applicants by CPW's Trails Program staff. Grant applications are accepted as submitted and are rated on their merit.

Trail Grant Application Review Process

The Colorado Recreational Trails Committee (the Committee) is responsible for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) trail grant application review process. The Committee makes recommendations to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission and Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board regarding funding strategies for grants. Annually, this process may change as grant categories and policies are updated. Please see the most current grant application packet for specific deadlines, scoring criteria, and the grant process timelines.​

The Parks and Wildlife Commission, through its Policy A-104, has authorized a subcommittee structure to assist the Committee in formulating grant funding recommendations. Subcommittees for each non-motorized grant category and the motorized grant applications are convened each year to rank and review all trail grant applications received. Subcommittee members are appointed by the Committee. 

CPW's Trail Grant Application review and ranking process follows a four-tiered review and approval protocol: 

  1. ​All grant applications are first reviewed by CPW wildlife field biologists and regional CPW staff.  This process allows CPW to flag potential wildlife issues prior to the review by the subcommittees. While concerns may be flagged during this review, CPW's field staff will attempt to resolve these concerns prior to the subcommittees review.

  2. Applications are then evaluated by the grant review and ranking subcommittees which score and rank the trail grant applications in order of their recommended funding priority. 

  3. The ranked applications are then passed to the Committee which evaluates the applications in ranked order and recommends funding strategies to the Commission and the Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) Board, when a GOCO funding award is recommended.  

  4. The Commission and the GOCO Board provides the final funding approval to the projects receiving grant allocations.  

To solicit public comment, all grant applications are posted on the CPW Trails Program's website and every public comment is evaluated as part of a subcommittee's grant review and ranking process. This procedure invites public review and comment at four separate stages; upon submission and posting of the application, before the subcommittees, before the State Recreational Trails Committee and before the Parks and Wildlife Commission.

All projects are subject to environmental reviews to identify any potential resource impacts resulting from the project. All concerns are passed onto project sponsors and land managers. All land managers must provide documentation that required environmental reviews are completed.

Once the annual trail grant selection process is completed, the Committee reviews the previous grant applications, and reviews policies and procedures for the next year's grant program. In this way, the grant selection process continually responds to public needs, funding sources and new opportunities for trail and greenway planning.