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Short-Term Volunteering
Short-Term Volunteering

​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Three volunteers using a primitive lift to move a large rock for a trail wall.​​​​​​

Short-term volunteers can still make a long-term impact for Colorado’s parks and wildlife. Examples of short-term projects include a day of trail maintenance at a state park, or trash ​clean-up at a state wildlife area.

  • Requirements: Short-term projects often involve working outside and ​can sometimes involve hard physical labor. Every volunteer is encouraged to work at their own pace and enjoy their time volunteering.
  • Time commitment: This can differ from project to project, ranging from one to several days.
  • Best time of year: Opportunities are available year-round.
  • Good for groups? Yes. Groups are ideal for short-term volunteer projects.
  • Good for one-time volunteering? Yes. Some short-term projects are one-offs.

Find a short-term volunteer opportunity in your area.​​​​​​


Landscape at State Forest State Park of pine trees, a river with a bridge, and mountains in the background.Volunteer Highlight

Voluntourism (tourists who do volunteer work) is a great way for you and your family to not only get involved, but get outside! In 2018, State Forest State Park hosted a summer voluntourism program asking folks to volunteer one day of trail work in exchange for a free, one-night stay in the park. On August 25th, volunteers worked at various sites in the parks to help restore and improve trail use for all.

"It's tough but rewarding work, and very much worth the effort. You will breathe fresh mountain air, see beautiful scenery and do something very positive for the state's natural resources. It'll be something to be proud of."

- Tony, Senior Ranger at State Forest

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