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Welcome To The Integrated Parks & Wildlife System (IPAWS)​ Informational Blog And FAQ
February 12
Spring Turkey Application Deadline
The deadline to apply for the 2018 Spring Turkey draw was February 8th and it went off without a hitch! This was our first draw without paper applications and where we accepted applications over the phone.

6,379 Spring Turkey applications were received
​ a​
​increase over
 last year
s numbers. 

The CPW communications center and License & Pass Administration staff were in the office from 8am until the midnight deadline to tackle any questions from customers or issues that arose. In addition, the IPAWS vendor, Aspira, has staff to take applications and handle customer issues 24/7.

If you or someone you know missed the deadline, there are still plenty of opportunities to hunt turkey by purchasing an over-the-counter or leftover Spring Turkey license when they go on sale March 21st.​
 Those licenses will be available online at, by phone at 1-800-244-5613, or in person at CPW locations or authorized sales agents.

If you have any questions about Spring Turkey applications or licenses or any other CPW license, pass, or reservation question, please call the CPW communications center at 303-297-1192.​

Last but not least, CPW received 37.3% of all turkey applications on the last 3 days of the application period. If you are planning on applying for Big Game, don't wait until April 3rd to apply! Log on to your IPAWS account at now to make sure everything in your account is ready when Big Game applications become available on March 1st.

Log In Early, Apply Early.

Thank you to everyone who applied for this year's Spring Turkey draw. Look for your results around March 1st and make sure that your credit card information is correct on your account for the March 14th payment deadline.
January 05
We are live!
CPW is so excited to introduce you all to our Integrated Parks and Wildlife System (IPAWS)! It took a little longer than we expected, but you can now purchase all of your parks passes, wildlife licenses, and campground reservations in a single transaction. 

This means that you can check you preference points and draw results in the same place you apply for the draw, buy your fishing license, get your annual parks pass, and stake your claim on that sweet yurt at Ridgway (or any of our other awesome camping spots).

Every system has its issues, and we know that opportunities for improvement will continue to present themselves over the coming days, weeks, and months. Thank you all so much for your patience as we venture into this new world and for your continued support of our mission. We truly do this for you and for the betterment of our state's natural resources.

Now it's time for the IPAWS team to hit their cots (yes, we are still sleeping in our offices). We can't wait to be of service to you when the sun rises.
January 04
So Close

​​Life wouldn't be nearly as interesting if everything went to plan, right? Despite two days of everything going better than plan, yesterday we ran into some technical issues that prevented us from going live with the new system at 8am today. 

A team of incredible, dedicated staff from both CPW and our vendor have been hard at work to resolve these issues literally round the clock since early yesterday. ​

​We will continue ​​to stay the course and will post here when we are ready to present IPAWS into the world.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We promise to do our best to deliver on our end of the deal.

January 03
24 Hours to Go
In 24 hours we will be introducing you all to our new system - IPAWS. 

It has been a long road getting here, and words are inadequate for the amount of time, dedication, and passion that has been poured into IPAWS by CPW, OIT, and our vendor, Aspira's, staff. As always, for CPW, the support of our sales agents and our customers has kept us going towards the end goal, even when things got hard. 

A focus on our mission - to encourage the participation in outdoor recreation and stewardship of our natural resources - is the basis for this system.

Today will be a long day for us as we hit this final stretch, but we could not be more excited to finally be able to share the end result with you all.
January 03
Transition Day 2!

Sorry we've been so quiet - there hasn't been a lot to report! Everything has been going so smoothly. We have millions of customer records, transactions, licenses, reservations, and information to import into the new system, and it's all been going very well - we are delighted! 

​However, as with any software launch, it's a 24-hour deal, so a team of us from CPW and OIT are staying all night to make sure that everything continues along this path and to answer any questions that may arise in the wee hours. Luckily, we have an amazing team and we are all having a good laugh while we do it. 

I hope you are all having a great night. We look forward to presenting this new system to you in less than 32 hours.​


January 01
New Year - New System!

Happy New Year! 

The 23rd marked our last day of travelling the state training the fine folks who work for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, which means that it is time to get this system rocking and rolling!

Staff from CPW and OIT (The Governor's Office of Information Technology) were up bright and early on this first day of 2018 to help ensure that all of our old systems - licensing, campground reservations, pass sales - are brought down so that the information and processes can be transferred into the new system - IPAWS!

​For those of us who have used these systems for years, it was slightly bittersweet to decommission them. It's easy to look upon systems that you become used to using day after day with affection - even when they don't always work as well as you want them to. While we will always look back on our days using these systems with fondness, it's with excitement that we look forward to finally having an integrated system for our customers and ourselves.

While it's inconvenient to have to have our systems down and not be able to make sales for the next couple of days, the end result will more than make up for the trouble. Keep checking back here for updates over the next few days as we get ready for IPAWS to launch on January 4th!

December 07
Wrapping Up In Colorado Springs

It's been a great four days in Colorado Springs training our fantastic folks from the Southeast Region and beyond! ​

​Far-and-away our largest training classes, the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and focus these folks have put forth during these trainings show their dedication to our mission and our customers. 

​I can't wait for our awesome hunters, campers, anglers, and recreators to visit these fine folks and have them demonstrate all of the benefits of the new system!

CPW IPAWS Trainees.jpg

December 01
IPAWS Training on the Road!

As we get ready for IPAWS to launch, the IPAWS team is traveling around the state to train all of our amazing CPW staff - from volunteers to park managers, admins to wildlife officers. It's a lot of work and a lot of miles, but so worth it to introduce this awesome system to our dedicated employees. There's nothing like demonstrating how our customers will now be able to get their campground reservation, fishing license, and parks pass all at once in the same system! It's very exciting.

Come January, these fine folks will be ready to sell any license, pass, and/or camping reservation your heart desires (not to mention hats, firewood, s'mores tubes, gift certificates, patches, books...) to help you enjoy this amazing state.​

Time to hit the road back to the Front Range (Colorado Springs, to be exact) after a great week in Grand Junction and Montrose. We will miss those Montrose sunsets...Montrose Sunset.jpg

November 30
Welcome to the CPW IPAWS Blog!

Welcome to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Integrated Parks and Wildlife System (IPAWS) blog! As we get closer to releasing the new system into the wild, check back here for updates as to our progress, items you may want to know about, and any other news about IPAWS. 

Thanks for stopping by!​