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Bighorn Sheep Access Program
Bighorn Sheep Access Program
Bighorn Sheep

​​​​​​Program Overview

The Bighorn Sheep Access Program (BSAP) was initiated in 2015 with the intent of improving public access for bighorn sheep hunting on private lands in Colorado through the formation, or continuation of partnerships with private landowners. Similar partnerships like these have proven effective in the ranching for wildlife (RFW) program​ for a variety of species as well.​ 

Bighorn sheep licenses are limited in number, but in high demand. The BSAP program helps to increase hunting opportunities for bighorn sheep in Colorado and provides residents a unique opportunity to hunt on private ranch land normally closed to the public. Through this program, hunters can play an important role in assisting CPW and landowners in managing bighorn sheep populations on private lands.

The Ranches

Five ranches participate in the BSAP program. Although, public licenses are not available on every ranch each year. When available, public licenses are available through the CPW draw process. The number of licenses on each ranch is determined by negotiations between the landowner and CPW. ​​For a list of available public licenses, as well as the number and sex of licenses, see the Colorado Sh​eep and Goat brochure.


Hunters: Contact your ranch directly to
coordinate your hunt.​

​Program Impact 

  • 5 ranches are currently enrolled.

  • Seasons and license allocations have been designed to improve game movement and enhance hunter harvest both on and off ranches.