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Clean Vessel Act Grant Program
Clean Vessel Act Grant Program
​​​Cherry Creek State Park Marina
A new Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) grant program, the Clean Vessel Act, will provide federal funding for marina services offered at larger Colorado boating reservoirs.

Many of the marina concessionaires in Colorado need financial help to replace existing pump-out stations. These pump-out stations allow boaters to dispose of their waste in the same way someone with a recreational vehicle can utilize a dump station. Without these services, there is an increased risk that boaters may dispose of their waste in Colorado’s waterways and harm aquatic wildlife.

Eligible applicants can apply and compete for federal financial assistance for specific projects. Applicants must match their Clean Vessel Act award with non-federal cash or volunteer (in-kind) services and/or equipment use. ​ 

The following are general requirements of all projects:

  • The project will improve, replace, or provide pump-out station amenities at a body of water used by motorized boats.
  • The proposed improvements will be substantial in nature.
  • The public access to the motorboat resource is assured.
  • The project is determined to be a cost-effective investment. 
  • Fees charged for pump-out use at the reservoir are, and will remain, reasonable.
  • The features will be maintained for the life of the project. For motorboat recreation purposes, this is normally considered to be 10 years.
  • Please note that angler use of the body of water is not required, but preferred.​

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How to ​Apply​​​

CPW will accept applications between May 1 through August 20, 2021 for this competitive Federal Aid program. Interested applicants, find more information and apply using the CVA Grant Guidelines and Application document.


Contact the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Grant program at​. ​