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CPW's Simplified Shopping Experience
CPW's Simplified Shopping Experience
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General System Information

Upcoming Timeline

2019 Spring Turkey apps accepted: January 10th - February 5th​ at 8:00 p.m. MT
2019 Qualifying Licenses available: March 1st**
2019 Big Game apps accepted: March 1st - April 2nd at 8:00 p.m. MT

​​​**​ Qualifying licenses must be purchased prior to applying for the big game draw. Qualifying licenses and big game draw applications cannot be purchased in one transaction.
What is the integrated purchasing system? ​

Our integrated purchasing system will now be a one-stop shop for all items that can be purchased from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This includes all hunting and fishing licenses and requi
red stamps, annual parks passes, camping reservations and merchandise.
What does it replace? 

​​The system combines a​​nd improves upon legacy systems previously used for purchases and customer service​​.

Why did CPW move to this system?

Combining all purchasing and customer service into one system allows CPW to provide better customer service and a more streamlined purchasing experience. All customers will now have one system and one account for any purchases from CPW. 

What makes this better for customers?

  • All customers will now have one system and account for any and all purchases from CPW. 
  • Customers can look up past and current purchases, application history and preference points all in one place.
  • ​​Hunters ​can change their applications themselves up until the draw deadline, ensuring that the application goes through the draw exactly as they intend

How do I know whether I have an existing account or if I need to create a new one?

If you have any question on whether you have an existing account, please use our lookup feature to avoid making an unnecessary duplicate account. Use the link above or click the words "look up" in blue in the new customer description area to determine if your information is already in the system. 

Creating a duplicate account when you already have an existing CID  or account may cause the system to lock you out, as it cannot determine which account is correct to use. If the system opens to the new CID number you've created, you will not be able to see past account activity or preference points since the system considers you new. 

If you have created a second account in error, please contact us to help you merge the accounts.

What if I don't have an email address?

​You will need to have an email address to make purchases online. G​mail​, Ou​tlook and Ya​h​​o​o!​ all offer free, easy-to-use email services.​

Having an email address on file allows us to send receipts, draw status, reservation confirmations and special alerts if needed. Additionally, your email address will be your login should you choose to make online purchases in the future​.​​​​

You may purchase or apply over the phone without an email address. However, you will not receive email receipts or notifications such as draw results. 

If buying/applying by phone for yourself and your child, your email does not need to be unique. You can use the same email for all profiles.

​What can I do if I don't have a credit card?​​​

You may still use cash, check, debit, pre-paid Visa or Mastercard​​ or credit card to make in-person purchases at license agents, parks or Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices​. Parks and CPW offices will also accept gift certificates as payment. However, all online and phone transactions require a credit card or a gift certificate issued from the new system. 

If you draw a license and your credit card fails to be charged, you will have until the payment deadline to pay for your license.​ ​If you do not pay by the deadline the license and any preference points used to draw will be surrendered to CPW.

Payment Deadlines

  • Spring Turkey, March 13​​​​​​
  • Bighorn Sheep, Desert Sheep and Goat, May 17​
  • Bear, Deer, Elk, Moose and Pronghorn, June 21
  • Leftover Deer and Elk, Fall Turkey, August 1 ​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boat fishing at Lathrop State Park.

Hunting and Angling

What do I need to buy a license online?

  • Every hunter and angler, including youth, will need both a unique email address and password to buy or apply for a license online. 
  • Existing CPW license holders will need their Customer Identification number (CID) (from a previous CPW license), their birthdate and a unique identifier (like a driver's license or passport) to look up their previous CPW record and create a new account.
  • New CPW license customers will need to create an account, entering their email and creating a password, as well as providing contact and identification information the first time they use the system. New customers are also able to create an account and receive a CID during business hours by calling any CPW office or the main telephone number, 303-297-1192. 

Required proof of residency

You must have proof of Colorado residency​ to purchase resident licenses. Proof of residency is defined as any person who has lived in this state for at least six consecutive months immediately prior to the date of license application or license purchase with the intention of making Colorado their primary state of residency.​​

If your Colorado State Driver License or Colorado State Identification Card was issued or renewed less than six months prior to purchase/application, you must provide additional documentation that proves that you have been a resident for the required six months. Owning property in the state of Colorado does not in itself establish residency.

You must provide at least two or three sources of documentation from this list. For example, if you are using your phone bill as part of your proof, you must provide a phone bill from each of the past 6 months plus at least one other item from the list below that would reflect residency of the last six consecutive months.  This proof can be displayed at any Colorado Parks and Wildlife office. Please note - external sales agents cannot establish proof of residency. In order to verify residency over the phone, you must be willing and able to email documentation to our call center staff.​​

  • Income Sources (Pay stubs, Social Security check stubs)
  • Utility Bills (phone, electric, gas, cable, etc.)​
  • State Income tax documents (as full-time resident)
  • Leasehold -Lease Agreements - Rent receipts
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Voter registration card

How do I apply for a Big Game or Turkey hunting license?

How do I apply as part of a group?

  • One person must be the group leader and all applications in that group are linked together with that group leader’s CID. 
  • The group leader must apply first so that the group members’ hunt code choices can be validated.
    • Group applications for any number of people are accepted for the primary draw for elk, deer, pronghorn, bear, and turkey.
    • Group applications for up to two individuals are accepted for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and mountain goat. Residents and nonresidents may not apply together as a group for these species.
    • Group applications are not accepted for moose, desert bighorn sheep, or any leftover draw.
  • For full details, see our Group Hunt Applicat​​io​n FAQs​


Tent at Pearl Lake State Park.

​State Parks and Camping​

What do I need to buy a parks pass online?

  • Parks pass purchasers ​​​​will be considered new customers in the system. 
  • All new CPW customers will need to create an account, entering their email and creating a password, as well as providing contact and identification information the first time they use the new purchasing and reservations system.

What do I need to get a camping reservation online?

  • Existing Reserve America and Colorado camping customers can use their existing email and password to pull up their previous CPW record. New identifiers, including birth date and driver's license, will need to be added to your account before a reservation can be made.​
  • New customers will need to create an account, including entering their contact and identification information, as well as an email and password, the first time they use the system.

When can I make my reservations?

  • If your camping plans are taking place within six months of today’s date, you may make those reservations now.
  • If any date of your camping plans fall outside of six months from today’s date, the reservation window will be open to you six months before the first day of your planned trip.

What do I need to buy a retail item like a hat, patch, or subscription to Colorado Outdoors?

  • Retail and publications customers will be considered new customers in the system. 
  • All new CPW customers will need to create an account, entering their email and creating a password, as well as providing contact and identification information the first time​​ they use the purchasing and reservations system.​

​Register your account with​