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Habitat Happenings
Habitat Happenings

​​​​ Click to play Habitat Happenings 1. Habitat Happenings I

Learn about some of Colorado's most recognisable species​.

New to Habitat Happenings games?  Learn about six of Colorado's more familiar wildlife species, including elk, bears, and moose! ​

Play the original Habitat Happenings​ game.

Habitat Happenings II

Click to play Habitat Happenings 2. You've played the original, now play the sequel! Discover the habitat needs (food, water, and shelter) of six Colorado threatened or endangered wildlife species.  

Like the original, you will have a set time to read some interesting facts about each species, and then answer three questions about each of them. You score points with every answer. How well will you score? How quickly will you answer all of the questions? Not to worry—you can play the game as many times as you like and improve your time and score!

Ready? Then let's play Habitat Happenings II: Threatened and Endangered Species. Instructions for playing will appear at the beginning of the game. For the best appearance, make the game's window size about 640 X 480.

Teachers and Parents—

Habitat Happenings, and the sequel, Habitat Happenings II, can help meet the reading comprehension goals of the Colorado Model Content Standards. It's also fun and entertaining (!) making it an excellent way to prepare for the Colorado Student Assessment Program. (You can play, too!)

Note: Habitat Happenings requires the free Adobe® Flash® player browser plug-in, version 7.0 o​​​r greater, to play correctly. Download it for free from Adobe®.