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Find the Right Words!
Find the Right Words!

​​​​​​About Wildlife, Biology, and Black Bears, Too!

Find words from the master list (on the left) in the ‘grid’ of letters (on the right). The words may be spelled backward, forward, up or down—or even diagonally! When you find one of the words, point to the first letter with your mouse; hold down the left mouse button; drag to the end of the word; release the mouse button. 

​If the word you found is in the master list, it will be faded on the list and a line will be drawn through the word on the grid. If the word you selected doesn’t match a word in the master list, nothing will happen. Keep looking!

You can take a peek at the master words: Clicking on a word in the master list will show you where that word is in the grid. Use this only if you become stuck! Try to find all the words on your own. Different colors will show you which words you found and which ones you ‘peeked at’.

When you have found all the words, you will see a scorecard that gives you a count of words you found and words you peeked at, as well as the total time you took to solve the puzzle. Play more than once—the grid is jumbled each time you play. Try to improve your time and score! 

The game requires the current version of Java to play.  


You must use a Java enabled browser to solve these puzzles.