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Kevin J. Aagaard
Kevin J. Aagaard

​​​​​​Spatial Ecologist

Kevin J. Aagaard 

​Contact Info



Ph.D., Ecology and Evolution — Rutgers University, 2014

B.S., Biology — SUNY Geneseo, 2009

Current or Recent Positions

Spatial Ecologist — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, September 2017 – present

Postdoctoral Research Biologist — U.S. Geological Survey, October 2014 – August 2017  

​Current or Recent Research Projects

  • ​Raptor nesting distribution models

  • State biologist studies including waterbirds and gamebirds, ungulates, and predators

  • Migratory waterfowl dynamics in a changing climate

  • Trends in population dynamics of non-native species

Areas of Interest, Expertise

​In my research I leverage the tools of statistical and mathematical models to describe complex ecosystem-level processes in highly variable systems such as animal movements (dispersal and migration), population dynamics, and biological invasions.


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