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Ken Logan
Ken Logan

​​​​​​Wildlife Researcher, Carnivores 

Current or Recent Research Projects

Areas of Interest, Expertise

My research focuses on puma biology, ecology, population dynamics,

behavior, and social structure; how pumas interact with their prey; how pumas interact with people; how people view and act towards large carnivores; development of puma management strategies.

More Specifically - Mountain lions unlock nature’s secrets.
I wanted to be a wildlife researcher essentially to learn how nature works. Secondly, I wanted to provide reliable information about nature to wildlife managers and the public to inform better decisions about managing and conserving nature. It just so happened in the three decades of my career that the mountain lion has been my direct path to nature. My research on mountain lions has included: dynamics and demographics of both non-hunted and hunted populations, behavior and social organization, effects of predation on mule deer and bighorn sheep, behavior in relation to human outdoor recreation activity, habitat use, diseases, and population genetics. I have studied mountain lions in Wyoming, New Mexico, California, and Colorado. My research has included two 10-year studies in New Mexico and Colorado in which I experimentally manipulated mountain lion populations to investigate biological and ecological processes. My latest such study examined the effects of hunting on a mountain lion population in Colorado.

Select Publications

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  • Ph.D., Wildlife Sciences — University of Idaho, 2001
  • M.S., Zoology and Physiology — University of Wyoming, 1983
  • B.S., Range and Wildlife Management — Texas A&I University, 1979
  • Current or Recent Positions

    • Wildlife Researcher — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2003-Present
    • Research Biologist — University of California, Davis, Wildlife Health Center, 2001-2003
    • Carnivore Ecologist — The Hornocker Wildlife Institute, 1985-2001