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Ken Logan
Ken Logan

​​​​​​Wildlife Researcher, Carnivores 


  • Ph.D., Wildlife Sciences — University of Idaho, 2001
  • M.S., Zoology and Physiology — University of Wyoming, 1983
  • B.S., Range and Wildlife Management — Texas A&I University, 1979

Current or Recent Positions

  • Wildlife Researcher — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 2003-Present

  • Research Biologist — University of California, Davis, Wildlife Health Center, 2001-2003

  • Carnivore Ecologist — The Hornocker Wildlife Institute, 1985-2001

Areas of Interest, Expertise

My research focuses on puma biology, ecology, population dynamics, behavior, and social structure; how pumas interact with their prey; how pumas interact with people; how people view and act towards large carnivores; development of puma management strategies.

 Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Puma population structure, vital rates, density estimation methods, modeling, effects of sport hunting, theory on limitation and regulation
  • Puma relationships with prey
  • Puma population genetics
  • Puma behavior
  • Puma hunter characteristics and behavior
  • Puma-human interactions​
  • Puma management applications
  • Feline diseases

 Select Publications

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  • Logan, K. and L. Sweanor. 2010. Behavior and social organization of a solitary carnivore. Pages 105-117 in Cougar: Ecology and conservation, M. Hornocker and S. Negri, editors. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

  • Logan, K. A. 2012. Structuring felid management for science. Wild Felid Monitor. 5:11-14.

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