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T.E.N. CAEE Award
T.E.N. CAEE Award

Pikes Peak T.E.N. Receives Award

(This excerpt is from the 2001 Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education award booklet.)

​"T.E.N. was conceived by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (formerly Division of Wildlife) personnel in 1991 as a way to bring the environmental resources of a city to the students of the community through well-trained teachers by increasing local, field-oriented education opportunities. Teacher (K-12) attend a 3-5 day workshop, visiting outdoor classroom sites and learning about the area's natural history and resource management."

Trips to a T.E.N. site are not mere field trips. The activities and lessons demonstrate how classroom knowledge is used in field situations and management decisions. Each outdoor classroom site has an instructional kit to aid educators when they visit with their class. Site kits contain materials such as field guides, water quality testing kits, binoculars, and soil testing kits and are correlated to Colorado State Model Content Standards. Students gain an understanding and appreciation of science and the natural environment, leading to citizens that make educated decisions about the environment regarding the many challenges present in protecting wildlife and the environment."

Teachers attending a 5-day Colorado Springs T.E.N. workshop have a unique experience.

  • ​On-site visits to different outdoor environmental sites​ in your own back yard

  • 45 hours of instruction

  • Classroom activities and curriculum

  • Real world field experience

  • Final project ideas from all participants​

Since 1991, more than 650 teachers have participated in these workshops reaching more than 5,000 students in 10 Colorado cities." ​(Editor's update: Total number of participating teachers, as of 2005, is over 1,000, with more than 7,000 students having been taught using T.E.N. environmental education techniques.)

For more information, contact the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education.​