​April 11, 2018 

Subject: Waiver of 80% Colorado Labor Requirement for Steamboat/Stagecoach Lagoon Liner Maintenance Project, IFB1 #2018-210 

The Colorado Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Wildlife, will allow a waiver to the requirements of C.R.S. 8-17-101(1) for the use of 80% Colorado labor on the Steamboat/Stagecoach Lagoon Liner Maintenance Project (Bid Number IFB1 #2018-210). 

This project will involve replacing liners and removing sludge from two active wastewater plants. CPW expects the prime contractor will use a specialty subcontractor for sludge removal. 

A liner subcontractor will also be required, leaving a small amount of direct work for a general contractor. We are rebidding this project because there were no bids submitted the first time. 

Due to the specialized nature of the of the work, and the lack of bidder interest last time, requiring 80% Colorado labor will create an undue burden that will substantially prevent this project from proceeding.