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Visitor Use Management-Plan
Visitor Use Management-Plan

​​​​​​​Eldorado Canyon Visitor Use Management Plan

CPW is developing a Visitor Use Management Plan (VUMP) for Eldorado Canyon State Park. The public will have several opportunities to participate in plan development.​​​​

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Why does Eldorado Canyon need a visitor use management plan?

  • Eldorado Canyon State Park has experienced increasing visitation and reaches maximum vehicle capacity much of the year, especially during summer weekends and holidays. 

  • Illegal parking on the surrounding roads, traffic congestion, and negative impacts to natural resources are degrading visitor experiences and impeding traffic flow for emergency services and nearby residents.​

What does the visitor use management plan do?

The plan will focus on providing for and managing visitor use to protect resources (i.e., natural, cultural, infrastructure) and enhance visitor experiences.

When will the plan be complete?

We anticipate a final Visitor Use Management Plan by the end of 2020. 

See more common questions about the visitor use management planning process in the VUMP frequently asked questions document.​​​

​Public Input Opportunities

Two Open Houses and an Online Survey were available in September 2019. The following resources were provided to attendees of the Open Houses. There will be additional opportunities to provide input on the draft plan in Spring/Summer 2020. Check this website for more information and/or sign up for the email updates above.

Meeting Minutes and Press Releases

Task Force Meeting Summaries

The Task Force is an advisory group made up of government and community representatives. All plans, strategies, and solutions identified by the group are non-binding. CPW has ultimate authority over the plan, but the organization is committed to taking the outcomes of this Task Force seriously.

​See the individual meeting notes for details:

Press Releases

If you have questions about any of the press releases listed below, please email Northeast Region Public Information Officer


Have more questions about the plan and process​?

Please email your questions about the Eldorado Canyon Visitor Use Management Plan Planning Manager ​​.​​