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Dogs in the Park
Dogs in the Park
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​​​​Welcome Dog Lovers!

At Highline, we realize that many of our visitors come with their canine friends. This page is for you and will hopefully answer questions and concerns about dogs in the park. We hope you and your canine companion have a great time at the park whether you are hiking, camping, hunting or fishing!

Amenities for Dogs:


In the day use area and the group camping/picnic area we have a water fountains located at the restrooms that can be used to fill a water bowl. In the campground there are several water pumps where potable water can be dispensed.

Waste Collection Bags

Bags for dog waste clean-up are scattered throughout the park. There is one near the beach house in the day use area, one near the camper services building in the campground, and another at the trailhead for the Highline Lake Trail by the East Gate ANS shack. Trash bags are available at the Visitor's Center for free during business hours.

Park Rules Concerning Dogs

For the ‘letter of the law’ regarding dog rules on Colorado State Park lands please see the Land and Water Regulations brochure. Below is a quick summary.

  1. All dogs have to be on a leash 6‘ or shorter at all times. Dogs are allowed on all of our park trails and campgrounds! Please do not leave dogs unattended, including on campgrounds. 

  2. All dog waste must be bagged and disposed of in a dumpster or trash can.

  3. Dogs are not allowed on the swim beach. At Highline the swim beach is considered all the sandy area around and adjacent to the swimming area.

  4. Dogs may swim in the designated area near the East boat ramp (but people cannot).​

Some of the reasoning for these regulations follows:
Leashing your dog keeps the dog near you so you can keep track of the waste (and pick it up). It also prevents the dog from chasing wildlife that many people come to a state park to see. While your dog may be very well behaved, others may not be.  Having your dog leashed will allow you more control if an altercation with another dog occurs.

Removal of dog waste is essential for health reasons, both human and canine. A local dog park became the source of outbreak of parvo virus because dog waste built up, and was present in and around a water source. Dog feces can also carry parasites such as worms; all feces carry the bacteria E. coli.

When it rains, or when we irrigate, run-off is carried into the lake, where visitors swim and play in the sand on the beach, and dogs and wildlife drink.

These are just a few things to keep in mind! Thank you for complying with these park regulations.  We welcome your pets, and appreciate  your  cooperation!