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Park Planning
Park Planning
Lake Pueblo. Photo by Mike Saho.

​​​​​​​​​​Lake Pueblo State Park Management Plans

State Park Trail Management Plan

After years of inventories, assessments and analysis, CPW staff has built this plan as a guide to create and manage a sustainable designated trail system which respects the park's natural and cultural resources.

2019 Draft Trail Management Plan - Feedback Needed

Lake Pueblo is now accepting feedback on the draft 2019 Lake Pueblo trail management plan.

How to provide written feedback:

Feedback deadline: All comments (including mail) must be received​ by 4/29/19

  • By email - send comments to Lake.Puebl​​ 
  • By mail - comments submitted by mail
  • At the open house -  Drop your comments off at the trail draft plan open house:
    Park Visitor Center Auditorium
    Monday, April 29, 2019
    5:00 pm to 7:00pm

All feedback submitted correctly will become part of the plan's public record.​​

Why does Lake Pueblo need a trail management plan?

Lake Pueblo State Park is made up of federal and state property. The natural surface trails in the park have developed over the years from undesignated social trails. All trails created on federal property are required by law to be approved through environmental assessments and the natural surface trails at Lake Pueblo did not go through this planning process.​

Note: this plan gives the recommendations that will be used for the Environmental Assessment (EA) that will be conducted by the Bureau of Reclamation (below). 

State-Owned Lands at Lake Pueblo Supplemental Plan

The Lake Pueblo State Park supplemental park management plan provides management guidelines for the state-owned properties in the park. These lands include the Honor Farm property, State Land Board parcel and the Chain of Lakes complex.

Current Status: 

  • ​The public input process has been completed and the plan has been finalized.
  • A digital copy of the plan will be linked to this page as soon as it has been adopted by CPW.

​Federally Owned Properties​ Resource Management Plan and Environmental Assessment

Current Status:

  • ​The Bureau of Reclamation office is currently preparing a resource management plan and environmental assessment plan for Lake Pueblo State Park and the Lake Pueblo State Wildlife Area.
  • ​There will be a second public open house when a draft plan has been developed.

Note: Lake Pueblo's trail management plan (above) will become an important document for the Bureau of Reclamation during their planning process.

About the Resource Management Plan (RMP)

This plan will provide a management path for all the federally owned property within Lake Pueblo State Park and all of the Lake Pueblo State Wildlife Area. 

About the Environmental Assessment  (EA)

This assessment will make sure the RMP is in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act​.

Questions About the RMP/EA

If you have questions about the RMP/EA process or timeline, please check the Bureau of Reclamation's Pueblo Reservoir web page and the NEPA website, or contact the Eastern Colorado Area Bureau of Reclamation office directly at: 

Eastern Colorado Area Office
11056 W. County Rd 18E
Loveland, CO 80537-9711​
Phone (970) 962-4410
Fax (970) 663-3212
Area Manager: Signe Snortland​

2014 Federally Owned Properties RMP/EA​​ Public Open House  ​

A Public open house was held at the Lake Pueblo State Park visitor center in Pueblo, CO on January 22, 2014.  

Open House Documents

In an effort to help organize the comments, we divided the property into seven management units. 

Management unit maps and information: