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Get Involved!
Get Involved!

​​​​​The entire community around Roxborough State Park supports the park. Get involved by becoming a Volunteer Naturalist, joining the Friends of Roxborough, or becoming a Trail Steward.

Roxborough Volunteers

Volunteer NaturalistsThe Volunteer Naturalist program at Roxborough State Park has been in existence for over 20 years. This skilled group is involved in just about every aspect of the park and is essential in accomplishing the mission of Roxborough and Colorado State Parks.

Meet our Volunteers​

Volunteer NaturalistOur Volunteer Naturalists at Roxborough State Park enjoy its unique beauty as they share it with others. Volunteers receive a comprehensive 4-week training course to prepare them for leading school and scout groups that visit the park and assisting the public. Some of our Volunteers also do outreach education where they travel to the schools.

Trail StewardsTrail Stewards

Roxborough State Park volunteer Trail Stewards help keep trails maintained and safe for all visitors. Opportunities are available for adults and children 12 and older.

Friends of Roxborough

Founded in 1993 at the Bemis Library by a group of volunteers, Friends of Roxborough works to protect the Park's eastern boundary from residential development. With hard work and the support of Colorado State Parks, Douglas County Open Bemis Library Founded 1993 Space and the Conservation Fund, the Southdowns development on the eastern border of the Park was acquired on May 31, 1996. This effort was recognized by GOCO, The Denver Business Journal and The Governors Smart Growth Award. Instead of condos and houses, chattering prairie dogs, blue birds, mule dear, black bear, short grass prairie, and an abundance of wild flowers now can be found in Southdowns.