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Trail Stewards
Trail Stewards

​​​​​Roxborough State Park volunteer Trail Stewards help keep trails maintained and safe for all visitors. Opportunities are available for adults and children 12 and older.

Please visit our Facebook page. Email to find out about opportunities sign up.

Is your organization interested in volunteering? Contact Joe Herman for group projects at Roxborough State Park by email or calling 303-973-3959 X 14.

Here's a list of some of projects when available:

  • Weeds
    Roxborough urgently needs your help to wage the war on weeds. Volunteers work with trained crew leaders to pull, snip, and collect noxious weeds that crowd out native plants and reduce wildlife habitat.

  • Trails
    Help maintain the trails you hike. Volunteers work with trained crew leaders, who will provide training on tool safety and trail-building techniques.

  • Group Stewardship Projects
    Suitable for ​corporations​, small businesses, and scouts.

  • Cleanup projects
    Roxborough's colorful history has left the marks of destructive management practices on the land. Dump sites and abandoned fences are found throughout the park. These remains create hazards for wildlife and interfere with resource management. Dumps are often the nucleus of noxious weed infestations, and hinder weed control and restoration projects. The stewardship project would include obtaining a dumpster and leading your crew in cleaning up these sites with the guidance of park staff.