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Tips for Getting Kids Outside
Tips for Getting Kids Outside


  1. Visit one of our more than 40 state parks, where nature activity opportunities abound, including walking trails, lakes and streams for splashing and much more!

  2. Go on a wildlife watching adventure. Make it interactive by bringing a camera for a ‘photo safari’ or bring a notebook to keep a journal to describe what you saw in pictures and writing.​Kids observe nature

  3. Have children help with outdoor chores, such as raking leaves, watering the plants or even planting and caring for a garden or container garden.

  4. Plan a nature scavenger hunt. They can be done just about anywhere – even in the tiniest of yards or green space. A simple Google search results in hundreds of ideas.

  5. Plan a healthy picnic, whether at one of our state park picnic areas or on a blanket in your grass.​​​family at picnic area

  6. Incorporate family walks into your daily routine.

  7. Think of simple outdoor activities you did as a child and introduce them to your kids, such as jumping in a pile of leaves, splashing in puddles or even digging in the dirt.

  8. Join a local nature club or start your own family nature club.

  9. Visit the CPW Calendar of Events for a list of upcoming programs at Colorado’s state parks that you and your children might enjoy, such as naturalist-guided hikes, interactive educational programs for all ages and activity-filled outdoor festivals.

  10. Just open the door! You will be surprised what activities your children will come up with simply by being in the outdoors and allowing their imaginations to take over.

Here are even more tips on getting your kids outdoors from the National Wildlife Federation.

family hiking

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