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Sound Law
Sound Law

​​​​​Effective July 1, 2010

What You Need To Know

To operate an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) in Colorado, the following sound limits must be met:

  • 99 dB(A) if manufactured before 1/1/1998
  • 96 dB(A() if manufactured after   1/1/1998

OHVs will be tested using the SAE J 1287 stationary 20" pipe test. New OHVs sold in Colorado cannot exceed the 96 dB(A) sound standard (unless an OHV is designed for and used in a closed-course competition facility). OHVs designed for and used in closed-course competition facilities may require modifications for sound and spark arrestor standards when operated outside of a closed-circuit course.

Not Sure?

Colorado State Parks, in conjunction with Stay The Trail, offer free sound testing for your OHV. Check for more information. Stationary Sound Test RPM Data Supplements from the Motorcycle Industry Council.

For a copy of the 2006 Edition of the Stationary Sound Test Manual for Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Terrain Vehicles (includes Test RPM data back to 1985) please call the Motorcycle Industry Council at 949-727-4211.