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Range Targets
Range Targets
Targets at Cherry Creek shooting range

Whether on the range or in the field, remember to shoot only at appropriate targets! Inappropriate targets are objects that end up littering the landscape: 

  • Glass bottles

  • Computer monitors

  • Plastic toys

  • Old appliances

Trees are also inappropriate targets and they should not be used as backstops. 

Appropriate targets are:

  • ​Paper targets, available for free download on this and other websites, placed appropriately

  • Other items that can be picked up and removed once you finish with your recreational shooting activity

We do not recommend or endorse shooting at items that blow up. However, if you are so inclined, use something that is non-toxic and decomposes and disappears quickly, such as a block of ice. When set downrange at an appropriate distan​ce, targets like this can be safe, but when set downrange too close to the shooter, they can be dangerous.​

We strongly encourage you to use safe shooting techniques. We strongly discourage inappropriate, careless, or dangerous shooting practices. Many of the latter are illegal in Colorado. It is your responsibility to know and obey the law. Safe shooting is no accident—we want you to have an enjoyable and safe recreational shooting experience, the first time and every time!

Target Downloads

Image of an archery target.The firearms recreational sight-in target, shotgun patterning target, and archery target on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) website are free to the public for downloading and printing.​ These targets fit 8-1/2" X 11" pages, but may be enlarged as desired. For your convenience, the targets are also provided in a 15" X 20" format. When printing a 15" X 20" target from Adobe Acrobat, choose "Page Scaling: Tile large pages" from the print dialogue box. The target will print on four pages; tape them together.