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Fire, Road Closures and Alerts
Fire, Road Closures and Alerts


Natural events can affect your ability to access your traditional hunting grounds.

Fires, mudslides, tree mitigation and other events can occur anytime, closing campgrounds, roads and trails.

Before you head out, be sure to check with land management agencies for the latest information.

If you have questions about licenses, or general questions about hunting, contact your local CPW office.

Fire Restrictions

Please visit the Colorado Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management website for updates on active fires.

Public Roads and Trails

Public roads and trails provide the majority of access for hunters and other recreationists. The U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) are in charge of road closures.

Contact the BLM or the U.S. Forest Service for closure information in your area.

Please be aware that road closure information is subject to change daily. Be sure to contact the correct BLM and USFS offices not only while you are planning your hunt, but also as close to the day of your hunt as possible to ensure you can gain access to the area you plan to hunt.  

The USFS and BLM close roads seasonally for many reasons. Some roads are closed to protect wildlife at critical times of the year; others are closed because they are not passable due to snow, snow drifts and ice or to protect the road bed. 

Roads can be closed for natural causes and planned activities, such as

Current Incidents

Hunter alert: Closures of areas can change quickly (even daily or hourly) and your hunting destination or access route may be affected. Prior to license purchase, scouting or hunting, learn about closures and plan alternative routes and areas to hunt.​

For current fire closure information, please visit InciWeb​. InciWeb is an interagency all-risk incident information management system.


Prescribed Burns

Some planned, or prescribed, burns occur during hunting seasons, which can lead to road closures. Finding a window for planned burns can be tough, but this short-term inconvenience can provide substantial long term benefits for wildlife and sportspeople. Fires help to clear dense brush, developing excellent habitat conditions for wildlife. 

See the "Waiting for the Window" article from Colorado Outdoors Magazine to learn more about the benefits of planned burns.