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Waterfowl Stamp Winners and Artists
Waterfowl Stamp Winners and Artists
​2019 Waterfowl Stamp
Ring Neck Duck by Dan Andrews
"Northern Pintails" 
by Michael Sieve

​About the Artist  

Growing up in rural Southwestern Minnesota, Michael Sieve spent much of his youth studying and hunting foxes, geese and rabbits. Although this was good training for his future career, his rural upbringing far from encouraged his artistic development. When Sieve enrolled in Southwest Minnesota State College in 1969, he opted to study advertising, but he soon realized that his heart wasn't in it, so he switched his major and earned a degree in studio art. He studied modern abstract, impressionistic and surreal methods of painting. Despite this training, his personal style is dictated by his kinship with the outdoors. In viewing his realistically represented work, the hunter's perspective is evident. It is Sieve's intent that his paintings illustrate the individuality and diversity of the wildlife subject and an appropriate, accurate setting for its habitat. Sieve considers himself a wildlife enthusiast and conservationist and he and his wife, Deborah, are members of, and donate regularly to several conservation groups.

Sieve's artworks have earned him many awards, including the First of State in Oregon's Duck Stamp contest from 1984 through 1986, Artist of the Year for the Iowa Bowhunters​ in 1983 and the 1992 Artist of the Year for Ducks Unlimited. ​

Past Stamp Winners and Artists​