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Track Chair Program
Track Chair Program
Track Chair Program

Colorado Parks and Wildlife values the right of every visitor to experience our state’s natural beauty. To provide this opportunity to the disabled community, Staunton State Park offers the use of the Action Track Chair, which allows visitors to explore designated tr​ails in the park. The chair allows access to gorgeous park features, including high grassy meadows, a wide variety of fauna, geological and water​​​ features and spectacular v​iews of Pikes Peak, Lions Head & Mount Rosalie.​​

For detailed information to help prepare you for your Track Chair experience at Staunton State Park, please view the Track Chair Information page or download the Track Chair Program​ brochure​.

Continuing the Healing Legacy of the Staunton Family

Staunton State Park opened in May of 2013, thanks to the generous donation of 1,720 acres from Frances Staunton in 1986. She was the daughter of Archibald and Rachael Staunton, both doctors in Denver in the early 1900’s. Dr. Rachael Staunton and Frances spent summers on their ranch in the Elk Creek Valley which is now Staunton State Park. Dr. Rachael treated the local population that needed care as well as patients with tuberculosis. She also worked with the local Ute tribes and learned many of their herbal remedies.

Today that healing legacy continues with the first track-chair program in the Colorado state park system, helping make the trails in Staunton State Park accessible to all. Thanks to the fund-raising efforts of Friends of Staunton State Park​ and the Mark Madsen Accessibility Fund (see details on the back of this brochure) two Action Trackchairs® and a trailer were purchased for the park.​​


All track chair reservations are tentative, and are subject to cancellation by park staff for any reason including inclement weather. Due to the inherent risks involved with operation of the track chair, pets and service animals may not accompany track chair operators on park trails while operating or otherwise using the track chair. If you require assistance with operation of the track chair, chair to chair transfer, or other medical or personal issues, you must be accompanied by a qualified caregiver, relative or friend that can provide necessary assistance.

The Track Chair program has been shut down for the season. 

Thanks to all that participated! We will resume the program and begin taking reservations in the spring of 2018.