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The maps that are accessible from
this page include the area of the Arkansas River managed by
Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area
(AHRA) .

This VERSION: 9/1/2015

Text Box: Above Portland

* Areas designated by arrows on the illustrated  map (below) are approximate.


AHRA Cooperative Management Area & Land Ownership

Acronym Key

The Legend (above) appears on each of the maps accessible from this page.  The acronym key is as follows:

**Note:  Both the ownership lines and labels identifying the type of agreement on that parcel of land are in the color corresponding to the ownership as displayed in the legend on each map.  Similarly, leased recreation sites managed by the AHRA are labeled in the color of the ownership. Other general geographic labels are in black.  Also note, that although much of the ownership line data was developed using the base layer National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) aerial photography and the Bureau of Land Management — Geographic Coordinate Database (GCDB) of survey lines, some data provided by other entities was developed using other information and therefore does not exactly match with all data