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Wolf Sighting Form
Wolf Sighting Form

​​​​​Wolves are both Federally and State protected as an Endangered Species.​ ​The gray wolf ranges across Eurasia and in North America from the Arctic to Mexico and from coast to coast. Learn more about wolves.​​​


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Observer Information

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Observation Information

Valid date and time required. [mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm]

Would you be willing to provide a copy to the CPW?

If you posted any related videos to the internet, please provide the URLs.

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Name of general area where you observed the wolf or wolves (e.g. national park, mountain range, wilderness area, etc.)


Please include any other relevant details of the location. Include nearby landmarks, GPS location or Township/Range/Section. If using GPS coordinates, please use UTM coordinates and provide the Datum and Zone.

Please describe the vegetation in the area where the animal was observed. For example Pine Trees, Grass, Willows, etc.

Are there houses, buildings, livestock, farm or ranch equipment or facilities around?

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Physical Characteristics of Animal(s)

Please describe the tail position

Please describe the leg length

Ear Length

Please describe ear position

Please describe the size of head compared to chest


Please describe any tracks observed.


If a collar was visible, please describe details such as color, color patterns, numbers.

Additional Comments

Please provide other comments on physical characteristics.

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Animal Behavior

Description of animal behavior and observation description. (General comments)

What did the animal do when approached?

Did you make any noise like whistling, calling, etc.?

How did the animal respond to the noise?

Interaction with Domestic Wolves and Dogs

Proximity to domestic wolf or wolf-dog hybrids

Did a dog interact with the animal?

What happened as a result of the interaction?

Previous Experience

Have you seen this animal or one similar to it in the area before?

How often have you seen this animal or a similar animal?

Did the observer(s) have any previous experience with wild wolves? *

Please describe the observer's prior experience with wild wolves.


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Wolf Sighting Form

Part I: Observer Information

First and Last Name:


City, State, Zip:



Part II: Observation Information

Observation Time:

Observation Length:

Distance To Animal:

Weather Conditions:

Number of Observers:

Additional Observer Information:

Have photo/video:

Willing to share photo/video:

Video URL:

Part III: Area Information

General Area:






Buildings in the area:

Part IV: Physical Characteristics of the Animal(s)

Physical Description:



Tail Length:

Tail Position:

Tail Position Other:

Leg Length:

Leg Length Other:

Ear Length:

Ear Position:

Ear Position Other:

Head to Chest Ratio:

Head to Chest Other:

Tracks Observed:


Number of Wolves Observed:

Additional Comments on Physical Characteristics:

Part V: Behavior of the Animal(s)

Description of Animal Behavior:

Did you try to approach the animal?

Result of approaching the animal:

Did you whistle or make a noise?

Response to noise:

Proximity to domestic wolf or wolf-dog hybrids:

Presence of dog/interaction between wolf and dog:

Result of interaction with dog:

Part VI: Previous Experience

Previous sightings of this or similar animal:

Previous number of sightings:

Details of previous experience(s):

Part VII: CPW Reporter Information

First and Last Name: