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Proposition 114, a ballot initiative directing the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to develop a plan to introduce gray wolves in Colorado west of the Continental Divide, passed on November 3, 2020. The statute directs the CPW Commission to restore and manage gray wolves in Colorado no later than December 31, 2023. 

As planning and implementation move forward, CPW is providing various ways for Coloradans to stay informed about, and involved in, the reintroduction process. 

Close up image of the face of a gray wolf. Photo by Gnagel.

To help contribute to the planning and restoration of gray wolves in Colorado please consider donating to the effort

Stakeholder Advisory Group Process

Applications for membership in the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG) are now closed. Applications received by the closing date of March 31, 2021 are now being reviewed. The SAG will be formed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Director in consultation with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. 

School/Educator Requests

The gray wolf reintroduction process has provided a unique educational opportunity for students to learn about wildlife management and wolves. 

Educators may fill out this form to request Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff participation in school programs at least 3 weeks in advance of the requested program date. CPW Education staff will respond with our ability to support your classroom program as soon as possible.

Gray Wolf Reintroduction eNews now available

As the agency begins the planning and implementation process for reintroducing Gray Wolves to the state, we are dedicated to keeping the public informed and engaged throughout the process. 

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