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Shooting Ranges
Shooting Ranges
Cherry Creek State Park shooting range.

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One of the most important preparations is sighting-in your firearm. Since bullets travel in an arc, not a straight line, ​it's vital to adjust your rifle before each hunt to hit a target at a specific range. Typically, rifles are targeted-in at both one hundred and two hundred yards. 

While hunters can sight-in big game rifles on some public lands, both private and public gun ranges often have sight-in days. Be sure to contact the range nearest you for details.

A list of statewide ranges and what they offer can be found using the map below, or search Ranges by Region​. 

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Sight-in Your Hunting Rifle!

​Hunting is not a once-a-year activity. It is an outdoor passion, and takes a lifetime to hone all the skills needed. Marksmanship, in particular, is a trait held in common with bowhunters, wingshooters, waterfowlers, and rifle hunters. It is an especially important skill for ethical hunters as it may mean the difference between a hit or a miss, or between a 'clean, one-shot kill' and an animal suffering for a period of time. All it takes to be an excellent marksman is practice, practice, practice! To make the most out of your time at the range, read Hunter Sight-In and Practice Tips.

'Practice makes perfect' - and much more: Hunters familiar with their equipment through practice make hunting safer for everyone, and practice improves marksmanship and builds confidence. Practiced shooters know their limits and develop restraint when presented with a shot outside of their 'effective range'.

Especially important for non-resident hunters is practicing at altitude. Since scopes and equipment may get knocked out of alignment during transport, practicing at a range close to the destination provides a last minute equipment check.

Colorado offers convenient and diverse​ public shooting ranges that are open all year round, and a large number of private ranges invite the public in as guests or offer public 'sight-in' days just before major hunting seasons. ​Be sure to contact the range nearest you for details. Search Ranges by Region​. ​

Sporting clay facilities may be noted in the range listings that offer them, or you can refer to the Colorado Sporting Clays Association website.

Be safe, good luck, and remember that safe hunting is no accident!