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Keep Colorado Wild Pass
Keep Colorado Wild Pass

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What is the Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

In 2023, Colorado residents will see a $29 Keep Colorado Wild Pass added to their annual vehicle registration through the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The $29 pass fee is included automatically unless you choose to opt out. This new annual pass gives all Coloradans access to state parks and the added benefit of supporting our great outdoors and wildlife in a meaningful way.​

Plus, it’s way more than park entry, the money raised from pass sales supports local:

  • ​State parks system​s
  • Search and rescue teams
  • Avalanche safety programs​​
  • Wildlife conservation efforts​
  • Outdoor accessibility and educational opportunities​​​​

​Quick ​Facts

  • ​Save 60% over the traditional annual state parks pass.​
  • You can only buy the pass during your vehicle registration process.
  • The $29 pass fee is included in your vehicle registration price total unless you choose to opt out.
  • When you buy the pass, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo is printed on your registration card.
  • ​​The pass is not transferable between vehicles and is linked to your license plate and registration card.
  • ​Keep your registration card/pass in your car when you enter a state park. The pass can also be linked on the myColorado or My CPW apps.​
  • ​​You can opt out of the pass when you register your vehicle with the DMV online, through a kiosk, by mail or with a customer service representative.
  • All regularly priced Colorado state park passes are still available.​​

Why is the Keep Colorado Wild Pass g​ood for Colorado?​

As Coloradans, we treasure our outdoor lifestyle and state’s beauty. This new pass gives all Coloradans an easy way to support Colorado’s outdoors, wildlife and local communities in a meaningful way. Your contribution shows you care about Colorado and want to keep our landscapes healthy for current and future generations. Money raised will be used to protect wildlife habitats, search and rescue programs, avalanche awareness education, outdoor equity learning programs and more.

When can I get a Keep Colorado Wild Pass?​

Colorado residents can get the pass after Jan. 3, 2023, when they register a motorcycle, recreation vehicle, motor vehicle or light truck through the DMV.​​​

​​​ ​

The Pass Supports 4 Major Areas

Woman and man paddling a kayak.

People practice winter search and rescue skills.

A mule deer facing the viewer.

Parents and their three children walking.

State Parks & Recreation- The goal is to generate at least $36 million annually. The first $32.5 million will go toward state park maintenance and development, the next $2.5 million will go towards search and rescue teams and $1 million to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Any revenue beyond that will go to wildlife projects and outdoor educational programs.

Backcountry Safety- With the Keep Colorado Wild Pass sales, there may be $2.5 million generated funds annually that will be used to better support the volunteer and equipment needs of search and rescue professionals across Colorado. The next $1 million dollars raised will benefit avalanche safety programs through the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Because of your support and the tremendous generosity of our search and rescue responders, Colorado will be a safer place to play.

Wildlife Conservation- Additional money raised not used for state parks and outdoor safety will be used to support the State Wildlife Action Plan, which helps fund wildlife and habitat conservation work for the 960 species that CPW manages.

Local Communities- The new Keep Colorado Wild Pass gives all Coloradans an easy way to support Colorado’s natural resources, outdoor recreation, wildlife and local communities in an important and meaningful way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the Keep Colorado Wild Pass look like?

When you hold a Keep Colorado Wild Pass, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo will be printed on your vehicle registration card from the DMV. ​​​

How long is the pass valid?

The pass is valid for one year or until the current vehicle registration expires. Colorado residents will have the option to buy or decline the pass every year during the vehicle registration process through the DMV.

How do I use the Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

Simply show your vehicle registration card that includes the Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo to CPW staff when asked. If the entrance is not staffed, you may enter the park with the knowledge that you may be checked for proof of purchase at any time. You can also show proof of purchase using the image of your vehicle registration in the myColorado App or the My CPW App (if the pass is linked to your CPW Shop account).

I have multiple vehicles. Do I have to buy a Keep Colorado Wild Pass when I register each vehicle?

Yes. The Keep Colorado Wild Pass purchased during your annual vehicle registration with the DMV is linked to the specific vehicle being registered. The pass is not transferable between vehicles.

What if I lose my vehicle registration card?

Please contact your local DMV location for information on how to replace your lost vehicle registration card. When you get a new registration card, your previous pass purchase will show on your card.

If I already own a CPW specialty park pass or DMV specialty vehicle plate that gives me free entry into state parks, do I need to buy a Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

No, you can decline the pass. Your CPW-issued specialty park pass (Columbine, Centennial, Blue Spruce, Independence, Volunteer or Military Pass) already authorizes you free or lower-cost entrance to Colorado state parks. All fee-exempt military plates and registration cards will include the pass with no additional fee.

What outdoor activities are included with the Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

The pass provides car, bike and foot entry into Colorado state parks. To find a Colorado state parks map, visit the CPW Park Finder Tool. This pass does not currently grant access to federal recreation fee areas, state wildlife areas or state trust lands. Activities such as camping, fishing or hunting will still require the appropriate reservations or licenses.

Can I use my Keep Colorado Wild Pass if I enter a state park on my bike or by foot?

Yes. Individuals who purchase a pass may also use it to access state parks and state recreation areas without a vehicle along with up to three additional visitors aged 16 and older. Coloradans 16 years old or younger can access state parks free of charge.

What if my $80-120 Annual State Park Pass is still valid when I’m eligible to buy a $29 Keep Colorado Wild Pass during my 2023 vehicle registration?

CPW has approved refund options that will cover the time between when a current annual state park pass expires and when a vehicle registration is due. The refund is based on a flat prorated refund structure. The prorated amount will be based on the price of the original pass divided by 12 months and rounded up to the nearest dollar. A refund will not be granted for passes that were used for nine months or more. Residents will have 60 days after the Keep Colorado Wild Pass purchase date to file for a refund.​​​​​​

Before you can request a refund, your Keep Colorado Wild Pass must be linked to a customer account on Follow the instructions outlined in the Keep Colorado Wild Pass – Link to Guide.

What are the benefits of linking my Keep Colorado Wild Pass to a account?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife sells outdoor products, licenses, permits and merchandise using a secure third-party website,

Linking your pass to an existing or new account will allow you to:

  • Show proof of your Keep Colorado Wild Pass purchase when visiting a Colorado state park on the My CPW App.
  • Residents age 64 and older get a discounted camping rate ($3 per night) on Primitive, Basic, Electric, and Full Hookup sites, Sunday through Thursday, excluding holidays.
  • Request a full refund within 60 days of your pass purchase. Read our Keep Colorado Wild Pass Refund Guide.

How do I opt out of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass?

Coloradans have the option to decline the pass while registering or renewing their vehicle. Same-day reversals can be done at any DMV office.

  • If in person, tell the county clerk you are declining the Keep Colorado Wild Pass.
  • If online or at a kiosk, there will be a prompt during the transaction asking if you want the Keep Colorado Wild Pass. Select “No” to decline the pass.
  • If mailing your vehicle registration renewal to the county, your renewal card (beginning with January 2023 cards) will have the amounts with and without the pass. Write the check for the amount that does not include the $29 pass.

Let’s Work Together to Keep Colorado Wild

Background Information

Legislative leaders in the Colorado State Senate, the State House and Governor Polis announced historic legislation on April 23, 2021 that will allow Coloradans to easily access state parks and invest in Colorado’s wildlife and great outdoors.​ Senate Bill SB21-249​​​

Funds raised from this pass will help Colorado Parks and Wildlife keep pace with increased park visitation and improve visitation-management systems at existing state parks, which may include shuttle services, timed entry reservations or other tools yet to be determined.

Additional pass funding will be used to protect wildlife and healthy habitats, search and rescue programs, avalanche education and outdoor equity learning programs.

Funding Goals

Money generated from the Keep Colorado Wild Pass will be directed toward achieving 10 goals to focus on CPW’s future investments in public lands, conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management.

Strengthening Our Existing State Park System

  • Goal 1: Provide an affordable, multi-agency pass that ensures that all users contribute to keep Colorado wild.
  • Goal 2: Ensure sufficient staffing and resources to manage and protect Colorado’s existing state parks.

Protecting and Educating Outdoor Recreationists

Investing in the Future of Wildlife Conservation and Outdoor Recreation

  • Goal 5: Build new state parks in partnership with local governments, conservationists, and recreationists.
  • Goal 6: Increase capacity to address the impacts of outdoor recreation on public lands.
  • Goal 7: Increase funds for new trails, trail stewardship, and river recreation projects.
  • Goal 8: Dedicate resources for the State Wildlife Action Plan to conserve vulnerable species and habitats.
  • Goal 9: Support CPW initiatives focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the outdoors.
  • Goal 10: Fund Regional Outdoor Partnerships to support community-driven planning and projects.

Senate Bill 22-168: Backcountry Search and Rescue

Upon review of the study results from the work commissioned by Senate Bill 21-245, the legislature passed Senate Bill 22-168. This bill transfers backcountry search and rescue operations and staff, including the management of the backcountry search and rescue card and backcountry search and rescue fund, from the Department of Local Affairs to the Division of Parks and Wildlife effective January 1, 2023.

The bill also appropriates $1 million dollars from the general fund to the wildlife cash fund for use in supporting backcountry search and rescue efforts. Eligibility for certain legal and educational benefits is also bestowed to those serving in backcountry search and rescue efforts and their families.

For more information, visit the summary of SB22-168 on the Colorado General Assembly website. ​

Campaign Toolkit​

Help us spread the word about how the Keep Colorado Wild Pass benefits Colorado! Use this online toolkit to easily download and share our Keep Colorado Wild Pass campaign materials.


Benefits of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass

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