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Habitat Stamp
Habitat Stamp

About the Stamp 

Fees: The Habitat Stamp costs $10. The lifetime Habitat Stamp costs $300.25. 

Requirements: Anyone aged 18 through 64 must buy a stamp in order to buy or apply for a hunting or fishing license. Individuals only have to purchase ONE Habitat Stamp for the entire season (April 1 – March 31 annually). This fee will be automatically included in the price of your first fishing or hunting license for the year. 

Hunters applying for a limited license must purchase a stamp to apply for the drawing process, if they have not already purchased a fishing or hunting license and Habitat Stamp for the year.  

Exemptions: If you are disabled, you may not need a habitat stamp. See disability information.  

Anyone buying a one-day or additional-day license for fishing and/or small game is exempt from purchasing the habitat stamp with the first two of these licenses. The habitat fee will be assessed when a third one-day or additional-day license is purchased for fishing or small game.

Purchase a habitat stamp online. 

A stamp can also be purchased In person at CPW locationsauthorized sales agents and by phone at 1-800-244-5613.

Purchase a license online. 

Protecting Habitat and Providing Access 

Habitat loss is one of the leading issues impacting the survival of fish and wildlife for future generations. Purchases of the Habitat Stamp provide the core funds for the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program (CWHP). The program provides a means for Colorado Parks and Wildlife to work with private landowners, local governments, and conservation organizations to protect important fish and wildlife habitat and provide places for people to enjoy our wildlife heritage. The agency has leveraged a variety of other funds around this core – including Great Outdoors Colorado and federal State Wildlife Grants – to extend the program’s reach. These combined funds have been focused on protecting fish and wildlife habitat and opportunities for hunting and fishing. 

Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program (CWHP)

The Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program is a statewide program that supports CPW’s mission by offering funding opportunities for private landowners who wish to voluntarily protect important wildlife habitat, and/or, provide sustainable wildlife-related recreational access to the public.

The CWHP is an incentive-based, voluntary program that utilizes Conservation Easements, Access Easements, and in some circumstances, fee title purchases to accomplish strategic wildlife conservation goals and/or public access goals.

Since 2007:

  • The CWHP has invested $141 ,000,000 to protect a total of 253,000 acres.

  • Of those 253,000 acres, public access has been secured on 121,500 acres.

  • Of those 253,000 acres, conservation easements have been secured on 234,000 acres.

  • Of those 253 ,000 acres, fee title has been acquired on 11,000 acres.

  • On average, CPW has spent $557/acre to secure and protect critical wildlife habitat (including water rights), public access, and fee title.

  • 95% of all acquisitions have been conservation and public access easements. Only 5% of acquisitions have been for acquiring fee title and represent high-quality opportunities with broad public support .

  • The CWHP has protected approximately 36 miles around the state for fishing access.

​The CWHP took a one-year pause in 2017 to evaluate the program's successes and reassess the program's funding priority.​