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Request Replacement Card
Request Replacement Card

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​Lost your card and need a replacement?

If you have lost your Colorado Hunter Education Card, we may be able to replace it.

Requesting a Replacement Card Online

If you have lost your Colorado Hunter Education card and need a replacement, you can order one online. Replacement cards are $5 and take between 2-​3 weeks​​ for delivery. Upon placing your order for a replacement card, you will be able to download and print out a temporary card for use until your permanent card arrives in the mail.

If you cannot find your record in our online search or your record has any misspellings or inaccuracies, please contact the Hunter Education Office at 303.291.7250.

I Have Changed My Name and Need to Update My Card

If you have changed names since you received your original card, CPW can issue you a replacement but will need proof of your name change. Name change reissue cards can be obtained in person at a CPW office, State Park, or through the mail. To request a card through the mail, download, print, and complete the duplicate hunter education application form.

Legal proof of name change includes:
  • Updated Driver’s License
  • Marriage certificate
  • Adoption decree
  • Divorce decree
  • Court-ordered name change