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Turkey Hunting
Turkey Hunting
Femaile turkey hunter calling in birds

​Fall Licenses

Over-the-counter (OTC) fall tu​rkey l​icenses went on sale June 20. Buy online​ or in person. 

Fall leftover and reissued licenses go on sale August 6 at 9am MT.​ The Preview List for any reissued limited licenses processed after August 6 comes out August 13.​ See the Leftovers and Over-the Counter licenses​ page for more information. 

Major 2024 Changes: 

  • The definition of adult novice hunter was amended. A novice adult hunter is a Colorado resident age 18 or older, who has either no turkey license purchase history, only held a turkey license(s) in the current or previous year, or has no turkey license purchase history in the previous five years.
  • Multiple GMU boundaries have been modified​. GMUs 8, 123, 124, 125, 128, 129, 135 and 191 are affected. For more details, go to pages 9-12 in the brochure.
  • Permit deadline extended for Higel and Rio Grande SWAs. The deadline for access permit applications has been extended from January 31 to March 31 annually to allow more time for people to submit their application after draw results are posted. For details, go to "Special Land-Use Rules" on page 9 of the brochure.
  • City-issued permit required in City of Fort Collins Natural Areas. Hunters using City of Fort Collins' Bobcat Ridge Natural Area (in GMU 20, spring season only) or Gateway Natural Area (in GMU 191) to access other lands must have a city-issued permit. For details, go to "Special Land-Use Rules" on page 9 of the brochure​.

Read the Turkey Regulations brochure "What's New: 2024" section, and see the season dates and other important turkey hunting information.


'Livin' the Wildlife' Colorado Wild Turkeys Video

The wild turkey is beloved among hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike. The wild turkey's springtime mating displays are one of the most exciting and stunning events in nature. Yet, these iconic birds only exist today because of dedicated conservation programs. This video provides an overview of the wild turkey's mating behavior and Colorado Parks and Wildlife's long-standing efforts to conserve this amazing species. The video features both Rio Grande turkeys, which were introduced to Colorado in the 1980s, and the native Merriam's turkeys.

Turkey Hunting in Colorado

Turkey hunting is growing in popularity throughout North America, and Colorado offers exceptional hunting opportunities for two sub-species of these remarkable birds. In this video, hunters will learn safety tips, techniques and strategies for hunting both the native Merriam’s wild turkeys of the mountains and the Rio Grande wild turkeys of the Plains. 

​Turkey Hunting 101 Clinics

If you are a novice turkey hunter and are interested in learning more, a free Turkey Hunting 101 clinic can give you a place to start. Hunting tips, how to obtain a license, calling techniques and gear used by the Colorado turkey hunter are covered. Learn about Rios and Merriam's; how to roost a bird and learn to strut your stuff. 

To find dates, locations and registration information, see outreach clinics.

Double Team Tactics

TEAM UP to take a turkey by effectively stationing yourself, a hunting partner and a decoy.