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Draw Results and Preference Points
Draw Results and Preference Points

Limited license draw results & preference points are available on
Pay for your license & preference points by the deadline or lose your license and preference points! ​​

Results are posted on the dates listed below. Draw results and preference point information is unavailable until these dates.
Planned Post Date
Spring turkeyFebruary 23
​​Rocky Mountain & 
desert bighorn sheep, mountain goat
April 20
Primary Draw (bear, deer, elk, moose & pronghorn)
May 24 - 28
Secondary Draw (bear, deer, elk & pronghorn)
July 6
Fall turkeyJune 7

​ ​​ This page includes:

Important information regarding missed payments and loss of preference points

Your credit card on file will be initially charged after your draw results are posted. If the credit card on file is declined, you will have until the payment deadline to provide an alternate form of payment. An attempt will be made to notify you in the event that your card is declined.

Spring turkey - The deadline for paying for your spring turkey license is March 9, 2021All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received.

Rocky Mountain & desert bighorn sheep, mountain goat - The deadline for paying for your sheep and goat license is May 4, 2021All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received. 

Primary Draw (big game) - The deadline for paying for your big game license is June 11, 2021. All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received.

Secondary Draw (bear, deer, elk & pronghorn) - The deadline for paying for your bear, deer, elk, or pronghorn license is July 16, 2021All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received.

Fall turkey - The deadline for paying for your fall turkey license is June 17, 2021All successful licenses will be mailed after the payment is received.

If you do not pay for your license by the deadline

If we are unable to charge the credit card on file in your account and you fail to pay for your license online, by phone or at a CPW location by the deadline for the species you applied for, 

  • Your license is surrendered and removed from your record.
  • All preference points used to draw that license will not be eligible for restoration. 

How to check your draw and preference point status 

To check your draw results

  1. Log in to your personal account.
  2. If you have draw results to show, they will appear under the "My Orders" submenu, also on the left navigation.

To check preference points

  1. Follow the steps above

  2. Click on "My Preference Points," found as a link in the left-hand navigation. 

Report inaccurate information

If you see incorrect information (such as a wrong address or inaccurate preference points) let us know. 

There are several ways to contact us:

Landowner Preference Program (LPP) applicants only:

The draw results for the Landowner Preference Program are NOT on the internet. If you are the landowner and wish to find out prior to receiving your packet in the mail around early June, you may call (303) 291-7380. Landowners only, please.

Hunting statistics

Statistics provide harvest surveys, draw statistics, and minimum preference points required in each game unit from current and previous years. Use them to assist in planning. 

Didn't draw a limited license this year? Turn that to your advantage!

How? Read Elk Hunting University's What Now? "Plan B" Licenses to learn the ins-and-outs of buying leftover and unlimited (over-the-counter) licenses. You'll be glad you did!

Need advice on where to hunt?

Call a Hunt Planner for free personalized assistance, Monday–Friday, 8–5 (MT)(303) 291-PLAN (7526).

2021 Preference Point Issue

The 2021 Preference Point issue is now available online ​or in a wildlife area office.

​​​​​​​​Hunt Guide Cover

2021 Hunting Guide by Colorado Outdoors

Stories include do-it-yourself dove decoys, hunter ethics, elk-hunting essentials, white-winged doves, calibers and cartridges for big game, youth hunting, using game-tracking dogs and dusky grouse.

B​uy your copy online or in an office, or subscri​betoday!​​​