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Camping, Cabins, Yurts & Guest House
Camping, Cabins, Yurts & Guest House
Golden Gate Canyon

Camping Reservations are Required

​Camping at Golden Gate now requires a reservation. For more information, see the camping reservations page.

​​​​​​There is NO cell or internet service in the Golden Gate Canyon State Park area. Emergency call boxes are located at the Visitor Center and Reverend's Ridge Campground office.​

Cabins and Yurts

Open to the public year-round, Golden Gate's cabins and yurts are an adventurous and comfortable way for visitors to experience the outdoors

There is a two-night minimum stay for all cabins & yurts. 

Please DO NOT wear micro spikes / yak tracks inside any of the cabins or yurts.

Cabin & Yurt Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

​See more Cabin and Yurt details, or call to reserve at 1-800-244-5613.

Guest House

The beautiful four-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house offers a  full kitchen, linen service, and gas fireplaces. Along with the guest house, two electrical RV sites​ are also available. Horses are welcome. Pets and group events are prohibited.

Guest House & RV Site Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

See more details about the Guest House and RV Sites​ or call to reserve at 1-800-244-5613​.


Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-244-5613 or online at

Camping Rules

  • Dogs are permitted in both the Reverend's Ridge and Aspen Meadows campgrounds and in the backcountry. 
    • They must be on a 6-foot leash at all times and can not be left at your site unattended. It is important to keep your dog on a leash and under control so that it doesn’t negatively impact local wildlife or disturb other campers.​

    • Please pick up after your dog.​ Dog and pet waste can take several months to decompose in addition to being an eyesore for those who see it.​

  •  Please be advised that tying off to trees is prohibited and this includes hammocks. Hammock straps can constrict the part of the tree which nutrients flow through and, if repeatedly done in the same part of the trunk, kill the tree. We advise to plan ahead and prepare by bringing your own hammock stand or leaving the hammock at home. ​

Reverend's Ridge

Reverend's Ridge features 97 sites and accommodates trailers, pickup campers and tents. Sites 1-59 have electric hookups and can accommodate RV's, rooftop/vehicle camping, and tents. Sites 60-97 do not have electricity and are tent only (RV​/rooftop ca​mping/camping in vehicles is not allowed). 

Facilities include flush toilets, shower and laundry facilities, a dump station, and some electrical hookups.​ Reverend's Ridge Campground is open year-round, but the shower building and dump station are closed for the winter.

Winter Closings: Revereneds Ridge campgournd reamains open at a limited capacity for the winter season. All sites are reservation only. Camp office, shower building, and dump station are closed in the winter.

Reverend's Ridge Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

​See more details about the Reverend Ridge campsites.​​

Aspen Meadows

Aspen Meadows features 35 basic, tent-only campsites.  Facilities include a water pump, vault toilets, and designated campsites with tables, fire rings, and high use tent pads. 

  • Rooftop camping is not allowed.
  • Sites 15 and 16 will accommodate horses.

Winter Closings: Aspen Meadows campground is closed in the winter, typically from late September to mid May depending on weather. All sites are reservation only.​​​

Aspen Meadows Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

See more details about the Aspen Meadows campsites.

Backcountry Camping

For those who want a more primitive and somewhat unique camping experience, there are four backcountry shelters and 20 backcountry tent sites. All sites are walk in access (approx. 1-2.5 miles one way.)

  • Fire are not allowed in the Backcountry. Golden Gate Canyon State Park visitors should minimize their campfire impact by only using camping stoves with gas or liquid fuel and have an “on/off” switch. Fires damage the immediate area by leaving a burn scar, and unattended fires can get out of control resulting in large forest fires that scorch thousands of acres. ​

  • Please use provided bear boxes to store food and trash. These bear boxes prevent local wildlife from being habituated to human food and prevent unwanted human-wildlife interactions. ​

Permit required. A reservation is now required for all Backcountry camping. See above information on obtaining a reservation.

Backcountry Camping Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

See the campgrounds and backcountry camping page for more detailed information backcountry campsites or call the visitor center at (303) 582-3707.
As of January 2024, we have changed our backcounty sites from numbers to letters. Please see the following for the corresponding numbers to letters for a reference:
Shelter 1= A, Site 9= B, Site 11= C , Site 12= D, Site 10= E, Site 1 = F, Site 2= G, Site 3= H, Site 4= I, Site 5= J, Site 6= K, Site 7= L , Site 8= M, Shelter 2= N, Shelter 3= O, Site 13= P, Site 14= Q, Site 15= R, Site 16= S, Site 19= T,
Site 20= U, Shelter 4= V, Site 18= W, Site 17= X. 

Group Camping

Rifleman Phillips Group Campground

The tents-only campground is located in a 50-year-old stand of lodgepole pine and can house up to 75. Facilities include picnic tables, fire rings, and areas for dispersed camping. There is a hand pump well and a vault toilet.

Reservations can be made 6 or more months in advance.

Rifleman Phillips Group Campground Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.

See more Rifleman Phillips G​r​oup Camping details​.

Works Ranch Cabin and Group Cam​ping Area

A secluded cabin and group camping area that can house up to 30. With outdoor eating area, fire pits and grills, this is a perfect site for family groups or friends. Pets are not permitted in the cabin, but are allowed on the tent sites. ​

Works Ranch has a two night minimum stay.

Reservations can be made 6 or more months in advance.

Works Ranch Cabin & Group Camping Pricing

For pricing information, see the Fees page​.