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Apply as a Group for Hunts
Apply as a Group for Hunts

By applying in a group for the Colorado limited license primary draws, you agree that you have read, understand and will abide by the group rules outlined below.

Group Sizes

  • Group applications for any number of people are accepted for the primary draw for elk, deer, pronghorn, bear and turkey.

  • Group applications for up to two individuals are accepted for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep and mountain goat. Residents and nonresidents may not apply together as a group for these species.

  • Group applications are not accepted for moose, desert bighorn sheep or the secondary draw.

Group Leader

  • One person must be the group leader, and all applications in that group are linked together with that group leader’s CID (customer identification number).

    • While the system will validate the hunt code choices, if there are differences in the number or order of hunt codes on the applications, the leader’s choices are used.

  • The group leader must apply first so that the group members’ hunt code choices can be validated.

    • If you are the group leader, select “I am a group leader.” All other group members will select “I am hunting in a group” and enter the group leader’s CID.

  • If the leader has no CID, they must set up an account with CPW online at, or by calling CPW at 303-297-1192 to get one. All group members must use the same person as the leader in order to go through the draw as a group.

Applying as a Group

  • Group members must apply for the same species, hunt code, unit, geographic restrictions, season and method of take for each choice, but may apply for a different sex.

    • For example: some group members may apply for EM011O1R as their first choice and others for EF011O1R as their first choice, and still be a part of the same group, but EE011P1R would not be a valid first choice for one of these group members as it has a different geographic restriction (private-land-only).

    • Note: Only submit a group application if the hunting party will only go hunting if everyone is awarded a license. If hunters in the hunting party will hunt, even without everyone else drawing a license, please submit individual applications. Group applications do not increase the ability to draw licenses.

  • All group members must have the same hunt code choices on their applications (other than sex). Each member must list the same first-choice hunt code and the same second-, third-, and/or fourth-choice hunt codes. These choices must be in the same order on all group applications.

  • If the group leader makes a correction to their application and changes their hunt codes or hunt code order, their changes will override the choices of their group members. 

    It is the Group Leader's responsibility to inform his group of his change, no notification is sent to others in the group.​​

Application Errors

  • Choose your group members wisely! If anyone in the group makes an application error, everyone in the group is disqualified.
  • Common errors include (but are not limited to): invalid hunter education information, invalid residency information and hunting privilege suspensions.

How Licenses are Awarded

  • Each hunter’s application is submitted separately using one group leader CID. Group applications entering the draw have priority based on the group member with the fewest preference points.

  • Each individual application is assigned a six-digit number. Groups are assigned a number based on the lowest application number in the group. After the number is randomized, if that number is selected in the draw, and there are enough licenses left for the entire group, everyone in the group gets a license.

  • If the group includes resident and nonresident applicants and the nonresident cap has been met, the group will not get licenses.

  • If the group is successful for their first choice, each group member will get a license and their preference points drop to zero. If unsuccessful for their first choice, everyone gets a point.

    • Licenses and notifications are sent to each individual based on the contact information in their profile.

After the Draw

Applicants are only considered a group for the draw. After the draw, if a group member fails to pay for their license or chooses to return it, it does not affect any of the other group members.


Youths will not receive youth preference if they apply as part of a group.

Hybrid Draw

Group applications are not accepted in the hybrid draw.